Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 31st December 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 31st December 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 31st December 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sweety telling Nanhe lal that she wants 2 lakhs Rs. Nanhe lal asks what she wants to do with so much money. Sweety says this is the matter of her life. He thinks she is hiding tears from him and wants money for her husband’s treatment. He asks her not to worry and says I will give you money. Sweety thanks him. Nanhe lal goes. Sweety calls someone and tells that she will give 2 lakhs rs. Gudiya thinks Sweety will run with 2 lakhs rs. Sarla, Pappu and Radhe cry. Radhe tells that this is a small problem which can be treated. Pappu tells that there is no problem, how to prove. Radhe says it is proved and shows the medicines for energy. Pappu asks how did it come in my shop? Radhe says that’s what I am asking you. Sweety comes there. Pappu asks her to stop her acting. Nanhe lal asks why is he shouting at his daughter? Sweety asks him not to tell anything to her husband and says my husband is Devta for me. Nanhe lal gets a call and tells that he will go. Gudiya tells that Sweety is fooling everyone.

Chunni lal tells someone that he is burdened by the work and asks someone to give money. Gudiya calls him and tells that her Sweety bhabhi will be eloping with 2 lakhs Rs, asks him to be alert, says she can need him at anytime. Chunni lal says ok. Gudiya says my Sweety Bhabhi can’t run now.

Sweety cries and tells Vicky on video call that she is pregnant with his child. She don’t want anyone to taunt her husband, don’t want her Amma and Babu ji to lower their head. She says I will give the money to you, but you shall not let anything happen to my husband. Radhe hears her and thinks she got impregnated by someone to save Pappu’s respect. He says Sweety’s name will be written with golden words. Later he tries to talk to Pappu. Pappu tells him that he has no physical weakness, but that Sweety is planning to elope from here. Rajjo hears and asks who is having the weakness? Gudiya says not my bhaiyya. Sarla says she is physically weak. Pappu asks Radhe not to talk about it. Bantu gives an idea to Gudiya. Gudiya says it will be fun and goes to Sweety. She goes to Sweety and tells that bhaiyya came to know about 2 lakhs matter, asks her to be calm and not to open her mouth. Sweety gets shocked. Pappu comes to the room and looks at Sweety. Sweety turns her face and keeps finger on her mouth. He puts his clothes in the bag. He says if my babu ji wouldn’t have given me a promise then I would have thrown you out of the house, by now. Sweety asks if fulfilling my dream is wrong. Pappu is shocked and asks her to go out and do whatever she wants. Sweety says she can’t stay with him now and will go tomorrow.

Sweety talks to Vicky and tells that she has fooled her father in law and now her Papa agreed to give money to her. She tells that she will come at 4 pm. Gudiya tells bantu that they need to be active now. Nanhe lal comes home and goes to Sweety’s room, without talking to Sarla. Pappu says now the real colors of daughter and father is shown. Radhe tells that he can’t hear against Sweety. Pappu gets upset. Gudiya tells them that Sweety is eloping and Nanhe lal is helping her. Radhe says we will not let her go easily and will ask her to inform them and go. Gudiya tells Bantu that they have to use the trump card.

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