Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 31st January 2020 Written Update

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 31st January 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhaari 31st January 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Nanhe lal calling Gudiya and says he is her Chacha ji. Gudiya says Amma told me that ghost can take anyone’s voice. Nanhe lal tries to clarify. Gudiya says I will play holi with you and throws water on his face. She sees his face and is shocked. Main pyaar ka pujari….plays….Everyone comes out of the room, kitchen and bathroom. Sarla says it was really a bad joke Samdhi ji. Nanhe lal says yes, and asks if I don’t joke with you then with whom I will joke. Radhe says you took our lives. Sweety says it was bad joke. Gudiya says joke is joke. Nanhe lal says I went to haveli and opened the door. He says I challenged for the fight with ghost, pisach. Pappu says they don’t have body. Ballu says you have challenged ghost. He says I have seen with my eyes, I will not go to haveli and will stay here. Gudiya nods her head.

Ballu is scared and asks if he is thinking him as lasuda…Sweety asks what does it mean? Sarla says sticky. Radhe says we didn’t think of this. Pappu says I care for you. Ballu says I will stay here until my family comes. Gudiya says we shall go and make the ghost eloped, before your family comes there. Ballu asks how? Gudiya says we shall go there and stay for few days, our bathroom problem will be solved. Pappu says I heard that ghost stays in bathroom often. Sarla asks what about kitchen. Gudiya says we shall go there and face the ghost. They come to the haveli. Sarla asks Radhe, why did you bring Jia’s stuff? He says I get courage from it. Sweety says where is ghost? Gudiya asks them to go in different direction. They all go in pairs. Gudiya goes with Ballu, Sweety and Pappu go at other side. Radhe and Sarla also go together. Nanhe lal is alone. Radhe-Sarla get afraid hearing Sweety and Pappu and think them as ghost. Sweety and Pappu also think the same. Nanhe lal sees Pappu’s reflection and shouts thinking ghost is there. He sits on the swinger and hears someone coming and goes away from there. Gudiya and Ballu come there and see the swinger moving.

Ballu gets afraid and runs away. Sarla and Radhe hide thinking ghost came. Ballu jumps over them and runs. Sweety tells Pappu that it will be fun to dance here. They shout seeing Nanhe’s reflection. Sweety and Sarla collide and shout. Sweety turns and looks at Sarla. Sarla asks if she deliberately scared her. Pappu and Radhe collide and shout, then he turn towards each other and hug being scared. Radhe then asks him to move back. He then makes Pappu realize his mistake. Pappu says I thought you will realize your mistake, if I stop your bathroom entry. They all gather at one place and hears anklet sound. Ballu says he will go back to Gwalior. They go to kitchen to make food. Sweety says I saw big kitchen only in films. Sarla calls her heroine. Sweety gets happy. Gudiya asks Sarla to make food. Sarla makes food and asks Gudiya to call everyone. Just then Radhe shouts.

Everyone comes there and asks what happened? Pappu says Bau ji’s foot is stuck inside the rat trapper. Havan karenge song plays…..They all go to kitchen and finds all the vegetables and kadai fallen down in the kitchen. Sweety says this chudail is very clever. Nanhe lal says we shall leave from here. Gudiya says chudail is very kind, she didn’t throw the food and it is still there. She says we shall eat the food. They all sit and eat, when they hear sound. Ballu says his stomach is full and he is not afraid of ghost now. Nanhe lal says he will get peaceful sleep. Later Gudiya is walking in the haveli when she sees the blanket clad ghost and opens her mouth in shock.

precap: Pappu tells that Shakkar baba can help them make the ghost run away. They all see the fake ghost and runs scared.

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