Gulmohar Grand 31st May 2015 Written Update

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Gulmohar Grand 31st May 2015 Written Update by Amena

Gulmohar Grand 31st May 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with an old man getting warm welcome in the hotel. Teeshay welcomes the lady and says its great they are going their anniversary here. Few people talk to Jaitley and he is glad that they are keeping the marriage in Gulmohar. Anirudh introduces Annie to them, and says this is Pathak family and Mr Pathak says everything will be like my daughter Parinda likes. Parinda looks upset. Annie says she is excited that it will be grand wedding in the hotel. Anirudh sees Annie hearing her talk and sends her. He talks to Shreya. Annie says I m sorry and leaves. She thinks she has to check in the corridor, Neil will be busy with Ronnie. She brings the food for Neil, and shows cactus to him.

He asks did she come to thank or insult him. She says well, thank you, seriously, for saving my life. He says no, inspector Nikhil saved you. She says no, I was relieved seeing you aiming the gun at Charlie, but why did you say you got saved this time. He says stop it now. She says I m sorry, did I say anything weird, you are brave and fearless. He says I was just doing my work like all others, now please leave me alone. She says sorry, I forgot to ask when will you have tea tomorrow, you have meeting with Anirudh. He says 5pm. She asks is his meeting at 6pm. He leaves.

Mr. Deodar tells the lady that he feels he is seeing Malika for the first time, and all the arrangements should be as it was 38 years ago. He says he remembers that evening, its impossible to forget it. FB shows the his love story. FB ends. The lady says this evening is special for her too. He starts dancing. Annie tells someone that she got a chance to check the corridor again. The man asks her to come back. She says I want one chance. He says fine, else I will come to take you.

Its morning, Annie relaxes as its big day today. Annie and Tina see Mr Deodar and Tina tells her that he celebrates his anniversary here since 38 years, and his wife Malika wears stylish sarees. Teeshay stops Tina from saying and says let Annie wait till evening. Annie thinks she will be busy in evening. Parinda asks her Maasi about Mausa ji and sends her. She stops Annie and asks her to help in selecting music, she has to attend an imp phone call. Annie asks the DJ to play any good music.

Anirudh says I did not know you are marrying, as the one who is marry will select the song. Annie says Parinda is busy. Jaitley gets angry on the high music song. Annie says I m sorry, romance will change with generation. Jaitley says enough, don’t stay where there is no work. Annie thinks she has no right to stay here if she does not find it today. Annie asks Neil about his meeting and goes to his room to take the plates. She hides seeing Ronnie and thinks Neil will not check monitor till 1 hour.

Annie covers the CCTV camera in the corridors and goes inside that door. Annie sees the room and cries, thinking the room is till the way she likes. She thinks she wanted to collect dolls and hugs the doll. She clicks some pics of the room and thinks dad used to play the music in the snowball. She plays the music in the snowball and sits crying. Annie comes home and the man asks her did she get the room. She says everything is same as I was told. He asks about Mr Jaitley.

She says she has felt his memories there. He asks what now, come back, listen to me, I don’t want Mr Jaitley gets angry on you. She says he shows anger, I want him to know me and understand. He asks will she able to do. She says its her duty towards her grandpa, I want to say I m Anahita Fernandes, his daughter Mayuri’s daughter, please dad I don’t want to move back. She says I want to show love marriage is not a sin. He says fine, take care.

Annie comes to Jaitley and sees him watching a movie and song Main Tenu Samjhawan…………plays………. Annie tells him about the movie and the love story. He asks what about her father, did she think about her father, love is blind. She says sorry, we can be wrong too, why does young people get punished, elders can also forgive. Avanti comes to him and Annie leaves. He asks her not to worry, Anirudh is seeing all arrangements. She says what will we do the day he knows it. Anirudh recalls he had a date with Jasmine today, he ordered the roses for Deodars. Shreya says don’t cancel the date today. He says its imp day for Deodars. She asks him to trust his staff once. He says fine, and asks her is there extra roses. She says yes. He gives her one rose from his side and she gets glad. He asks her to put the extra one in the bouquet. She smiles and leaves.

Parinda gets calls and disconnects. The family checks jewelry. Maasi says the guy is really good, is she happy. Parinda gets sad. She tells someone about hotel Gulmohar Grand and plans to elope. She says she does not have money, but necklace which they can sell and get money. Avanti says Mrs Deodar is not in her room. Jaitley says he will fulfill his promise to his friends. Anirudh goes to meet Jasmine, and does not take calls from hotel. He recalls Pallavi. Mr Deodar comes in the party with Avanti and staff looks for his wife. Avanti and Mr Deodar smile seeing Mrs Deodar. Tina says it means Goldie has told Mrs. Deodar. Annie thanks Lord for keeping love alive.

Jasmine gets annoyed with Anirudh and says she will not eat Pallavi’s fav dessert. He says she is overreacting. She says you are talking about her since 2 hours. He says you know Pallavi and I m separated, we are not together. She says no, but this relation did not end, you still love her, accept it, cheating world is easy, not cheating yourself, think about it, good bye.

Mr. and Mrs Deodar celebrate their anniversary and Annie loves to see them. Tina says she is not Mrs Deodar, and they see its Mrs. Irani. Annie asks is she his wife. Teeshay says no. Annie says then how are they together. Tina says Goldie did great. Annie says does he not remember his wife. Tina says Mrs. Deodar died 6 years ago and Mr. Deodar has alzheimer’s disease and he does not remember anything, he just remembers his wife’s name Malika and his anniversary day. Teeshay says that’s why Goldie wants to make this special for him, Mr. Deodar does not remember Avanti is his daughter, who organizes everything. Annie cries. Tina says person can do anything if he believes in lov.

Deodar tells Avanti that she is excellent event manager. Avanti says anything for your smile. He asks about Malika. She says she will come. He thanks her. She says its okay papa, no need to thank me. He laughs and says you recalled your dad seeing me, how sweet. She says no, you are my papa. He says good joke, its coincidence, my daughter’s name is also Avanti. Avanti talks to Annie and says its strange dad remembers just this day. Annie says its not strange, and talks about her and her dad. Avanti cries. Annie hugs her and pacifies her.

Avanti says I make someone my mum for his happiness, so that he celebrates his birthday. Annie says parents do a lot for us. Avanti says you will get your destination soon, and cheers her. Annie and Avanti thank each other. Neil does not get his food and goes to look for Annie. DJ plays music and asks Annie can she dance and show. Annie starts dancing. She dances freely and Neil gets stunned seeing her. She gets tired and stops. Neil looks at her and smiles.

Parinda cries and Maasi says her dad was right, the guy is fraud, forget him. Parinda asks her dad to let her go. Annie supports them and Neil argues with her, and asks her to be quiet else he can question her.

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