Gupta Brothers 11th January 2021 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 11th January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 11th January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veeru telling Shiv that this is the same cheater guy who cheated with us. Jaya tells everything and tells that she has a feeling that the guy with whom, Ram Prasad was talking is Bansal. Inspector asks if you didn’t see him, then how can you say? Jaya says I felt. Shiv says we shall go home with Alok. He sees Inspector’s permission to take Alok. He asks Inspector to help him get the licence and also catch the culprit. Inspector agrees. Amba thinks Jaya didn’t see her, but if Mishra takes bansal or my name. She thinks first I have to make Mishra’s mouth closed. Shiv and his family come home. Ganga takes off the bad sight from him and prays to God to save her family. She puts the red chillies in the pot outside the house. Amba comes there and coughs. She asks what did you burn Ganga? Rajat gives her water. Amba drinks. Veeru says Bhabhimaa took away evil sight off from Alok. Shiv says Jaya helped them today.

Ganga appreciates Jaya for getting the guy caught who had trapped Alok. Amba sees injury on Jaya’s hand and asks her. Jaya says she got hurt while catching him. Amba asks Rajat to bring ointment for her daughter. Jaya says she couldn’t catch the person who was with Ram Prasad. Amba applies ointment on her hand and asks did you see that person? Jaya says I feel that bansal ji got this done, as he had done such thing before. Aditi gets upset. Ganga asks Jaya not to take Bansal ji’s name as she didn’t see him. She asks Aditi not to feel bad. Aditi says jaya can say anything being the hero of the family. Jaya says I feel like seeing him. Amba tells Jaya that no father can do this with his daughter. Aditi says let it be and goes.

Shiv gets a call from Inspector and tells that Ram Mishra told his partner’s name. Amba gets tensed. Shiv looks at her and calls Alok. He reminds Alok if he remembers Yadav ji, who had given us bad stuff and we had filed case against him. He says yadav ji did this with Mishra. Aditi says now you believe me, do you still feel that I got my Papa do this. Ganga says it is not like that and tells that your dad told me something. She asks her to end the matter. Aditi asks her not to fold her hands and says Jaya, Veeru and Alok will get angry on me. She apologizes to them and says I am Mr. Bansal’s daughter. She cries and sits down. Alok makes her sit. Bansal calls Aditi. Aditi don’t want to talk to him. Bansal asks Ganga to put the call on loudspeaker. He then tells Aditi that he didn’t want to trouble her by talking about separating Alok and her from their family. He then apologizes to Ganga and tells that he didn’t know what to do when my daughter went to jail. He says it was my love for my daughter and son in law. He apologizes to Aditi and tells that he can’t stay alone. He says I just want smile on your face. Aditi cries and gets emotional. Bansal gets angry and throws his phone. He thinks he will take revenge from Shiv. Ganga asks Aditi did you know?

Aditi says I heard Papa and you talking? She says she knows her Papa well and says she broke her relation with her Papa, as he tried to break my family. She tells that she might be the spoilt girl of a rich father, but knows that this is my family and don’t want the family to break, even if my Papa tries. Ganga asks her to stop and takes them to inhouse temple. She applies tika to them and tells that both are brave, hero and courageous. She tells that at one side, Jaya got the culprit arrested and at the other side, Aditi made her papa understand and didn’t let the family break. She appreciates Amba for making Jaya understand. She tells that they shall make a new start and we will not think other person wrong or our relations. Rajat holds her hand. Alok, Veeru, Aditi and Jaya keep their hand on Ganga’s head. Shiv keeps his hand at the last and tells that bansal did wrong, but we will never let this family break and if someone tries to do this then we will answer them altogether. Amba says you said right and tells that she will go now. She goes out and thinks today she got saved, next time she has to be careful. Electricity goes. Amba shouts while going to her house. Shiv and Ganga comes out and sees Amba fallen down.

Amba knocks on the bathroom door, asking Aditi to open the door. Later Rajat tells that Kaki has pee. Aditi gets the stinking smell.

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