Gupta Brothers 12th January 2021 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 12th January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 12th January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amba thinking she shall be careful next time. She shouts. Shiv and Ganga come out and see her unconscious on the floor. Shiv asks Alok and Veeru to call Doctor. They take her to their house. Doctor checks Amba. Jaya sits by her side. Amba opens her eyes. Doctor asks Amba if she again stopped to take medicine and says your BP increased. Jaya says Papa takes care of her, now he is not at home, so she must have forgotten. Doctor asks them to take good care of her for a week until she gets fine. He leaves. Amba says I will go back home. Shiv asks her to stay in their house. Jaya says even Papa is not at home. Amba refuses to stay in daughter’s sasural. Ganga says you have old relation with us and says I will bring milk for you. She asks Jaya to come with her. Jaya goes. Ganga asks Veeru to sleep on the terrace. Veeru says ok. Shiv asks her to rest.

Alok tells Aditi that now everything is set. Aditi hugs him and says your shirt is stinking. Alok says he spent in jail for 24 hours and that’s why his shirt is stinking. He says he is thankful to Jaya for saving him. She hugs him again and says it is stinking. He removes his shirt. Aditi says I will put it in the washing machine. He reminds that they don’t have washing machine and says Jaya will wash in the morning. She says I am your wife, and will wash your shirt. She goes to bathroom and puts shirt in the bucket. She watches video on youtube to wash the shirt. Amba comes there and knocks on the door, asking her to open the door. Aditi says she is doing a work and don’t open the door. She washes the shirt.

Amba knocks on the door and thinks she shall go to her house. She opens the bolt of the door and sees the upper bolt. Just then she finds herself urinating losing control. Everyone comes there. Rajat says Amba Kaki has urinated. Ganga comes to Amba. Amba says Aditi was not opening the door. Aditi comes out and gets the stinking smell. She thinks Amba asking her to come out for 2 mins. Ganga takes her to bathroom and says nothing has happened Amba kaki. Ganga switches on the gyser and opens the water tap. She goes out and brings the clothes for Amba. Amba cries badly feeling humiliated. Ganga asks Amba to change her saree and wipes the floor where she had pee. Aditi tells everyone that she didn’t listen as she was wearing head phone. She tells that whenever she goes to bathroom, someone or other comes. She says that day Veeru and Jaya fought for the same reason. Jaya recalls Amba’s words and gets furious. Ganga makes Amba change her clothes and takes her to room. Jaya holds Aditi’s hand and says today I will make introduce to home, so that she doesn’t have any problem. She tells that they have one kitchen and one bathroom. She says there are two rooms, which are used by both of them. She says if someone wants to go to bathroom urgently then they shall be let. She asks her to understand that they all have to stay together and have to use the one washroom. Aditi says I didn’t do it intentionally. Jaya says you did this intentionally and says if she has any problem with the house, then she shall leave the house. Aditi asks what, you are asking me to leave? Jaya says I want to kick you out from here. Shiv shouts enough and goes.

Aditi says Jaya wants to kick me out and scolds Alok for seeing her humiliated. Alok says if you had opened the door then this wouldn’t have happen. Aditi says I was washing your shirt. Alok says Bhaiyya stopped Jaya from telling further and says he makes everything fine. Aditi says I became villain in everyone’s eyes and asks him to move from her way.

Ganga comes to Shiv and says Aditi will not do this intentionally and Jaya felt bad. She asks him not to worry and calm down. Shiv asks if Amba kaki is fine? Ganga says yes. Shiv says I know what to do to make everything fine.

Precap: Shiv gives tickets to Alok-Aditi, Jaya-Veeru for their honeymoon. Aditi and Alok get happy while Jaya and Veeru get tensed.

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