Gupta Brothers 22nd January 2021 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 22nd January 2021 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 22nd January 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ganga giving water to Shiv. Jaya asks Shiv where is Veeru? Shiv says he stayed back in the shop and tells that he has work to do. Ganga says I would have send him food. Shiv says he will buy the food and eat. Jaya recalls his words. Veeru is restless in the shop and his moments with her. He looks at the guy’s pics and gets sad. Jaya cries waiting for him and gets restless. He says Jaya…I hurt you so much and said many bad things to you. He says I will make everything fine today, as what I felt today, haven’t felt in my life ever. In the morning, Jaya wakes up and finds Veeru sitting on the sofa. She asks when did you come? Veeru says sometime back, you was sleeping. She asks why you didn’t come in night. He says he had said that he will not come until he makes everything fine. She says sorry for telling all that to her mother and says I said sorry for that. He shows the guys’ pic and says this is for your marriage. She asks if you are mad and says she is married to him. She asks if he forgot. Veeru says never and says that’s why he is doing this? He shows the annulment papers which lawyer has made and says our marriage will end after signing on it, and you will get freedom from this relation and from me too. He says then you are free to do anything and can marry anyone. He asks her to tell if she likes someone from the pics or tell him if she likes someone. He smiles. Jaya looks on shocked.

Ganga sweeps the floor and finds the food in the dustbin. She comes to Aditi’s room and knocks on the door. Aditi is exercising and doesn’t reply. Ganga opens the door and gets inside. Aditi asks what is this misbehavior? Ganga is shocked and questions why she didn’t have the food. She says I told you not to do this exercise and says you have to take rest and shall have healthy food. Aditi says don’t lecture me and says I am eating what Doctor asked me to eat. She says I am a post graduate and knows well. She asks her to come and see what she eats, says her tiffin guy will come in sometime. She asks her to come. Tiffin guy comes and hangs the tiffin. Amba changes the tiffin content and goes from there. Aditi comes there with Ganga and takes the tiffin. Amba thinks she got saved today and thinks it is good that nobody saw her. She sees someone there.

Aditi asks Ganga to see what is she eating and shows the food which the guy brought and also shows the mineral tablets. Alok is also there. Ganga tells that she can have the minerals and vitamins in the food made by her. Aditi says you are saying as if you already have 2-3 kids. Alok scolds her and says she is our Bhabhi maa and says whatever she is saying is for our baby’s betterment. Aditi asks if she knows about my child’s betterment than you. She shows the fruit tiffin and says this is Avacado and says she eats exotic fruits. Ganga says this is Papaya. Aditi says it was not in the diet. Jaya asks Amba what did she do and gives her promise.

Aditi asks Ganga not to give excuse and tells that this is Papaya. She is about to eat when Jaya comes there and stops her, says this is Papapa. Aditi asks how do you know? Jaya says my Mother has kept Papaya in the tiffin. She then confronts Amba for trying to kill Aditi and Alok’s baby and asks why did she do this? She asks Aditi if she eat it? Aditi says before she had eaten a bit, but not now. Jaya asks Alok to take Aditi to hospital. Alok says we visited in the morning and Doctor said that she is fine. Aditi asks did you try to take revenge on me? Amba accepts and tells that she wants Jaya and Veeru’s child to be the first child of the family. Jaya says you calls me mad and says I have to try to make everything fine for your doings. She says what you wants, can’t happen. She asks Alok to call Police. Ganga says this is a family matter. Jaya says I don’t have a home and says she had gone to tell Maa about Veeru and her relation which is ended now. Ganga asks her to talk good? Jaya asks how and tells Veeru asking her to sign on the annulment papers. Ganga, Amba, Alok and Aditi are shocked.

Advocate Mehta calls Shiv and asks if Veerendra Gupta is here. Shiv says no and asks him to tell what he wants to say. Lawyer asks him to convey his message to Veeru that his divorce date is next week. Shiv is shocked and asks Veeru, why did he do this. He asks why are bending your head now, why are you feeling ashamed on your decision now. Ganga calls Shiv and asks him to come home. Shiv says I will come home, lets see how to handle it?

Precap: Aditi tells Alok that she is leaving the house as she can’t see her baby dying here. Alok asks her to go and not to see her face to him again. Veeru tells Ganga that Jaya is not happy in this marriage and it is better to separate. Alok says I will support you. Shiv tells Ganga that their house is breaking.

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