Gupta Brothers 6th October 2020 Written Update

Gupta Brothers 6th October 2020 Written Update by H Hasan

Gupta Brothers 6th October 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamini bringing the scared Alok out. Alok asks her to leave him. Jaya looks at them. Alok’s mother gets happy and laughs in the frame. Kamini tells that Alok held her hand inside and that’s why she shouted. Her mom starts dancing on the song Balma. Veeru says they are not scared of anyone. Jaya says first you had shouted. Veeru says they had shouted. Kamini’s mother asks Alok and Kamini to hold each other’s hands. Jaya cries and drops her phone on the ground. Alok tells Shiv that he has became impure as the girl touched him and tells that he will take bath. Kamini’s mother catches him and gives his hand in her daughter’s hand. She says this means their alliance is fixed and they will marry now. Shiv asks what are you saying? Kamini takes Shiv’s blessings and calls him jethji. Shiv asks who? Veeru says he will break her head. Kamini’s mom says she is your bhabhi. Shiv stops Veeru from getting angry. Kamini’s mom says her daughter will be bahu of this house. Alok asks who is she? Veeru says I will find out. Their mother dances in the frame. Shiv asks God to show some miracle and says he is not getting chance to think. He checks the time and says you have given me sign. He plays the shank and tells that they can talk about this later, but not puja. His mother tries to ask Kamini’s mom to take shagun from him.

Everyone starts praying and celebrating Janmasthami. The guests are about to leave. Kamini asks her mother to stop the guests. The Episode starts with Kamini bringing the scared Alok out. Alok asks her to leave him. Jaya looks at them. He turns to people and asks who are they? They say that they are community. Kamini’s mother asks for shagun money. Veeru asks Alok to say something. Alok says I don’t know this girl. Kamini’s mom tells why did you hold her hand. He says I didn’t hold. Kamini’s mom asks Shiv to ask him to say the truth. Shiv signs. Rajat says Shiv bhaiyya have maun vrat every year till morning. His mother says this was his conspiracy. Shiv says he won’t let his brother become martyr. He writes down that they will talk tomorrow after his silence fast gets over. Kamini’s mom tells that society people are here. Shiv writes asking her to come tomorrow. Kamini’s mom says it will be proved that Kamini and Alok love each other and says if it is proved then promise me that you will get them married. Shiv is shocked. Kamini asks him to promise him else they will not leave his house. Shiv thinks he will sign her so that she leaves and he gets a chance to think. He signs her. Kamini and her mom gets happy. Jaya cries. They all leave from there.

Shiv comes to his shop. A tea seller says Alok would have got married. Shiv asks him to get married himself and finds Karishma’s father there. He asks if kamini has diamond in her that you are getting Alok marry her. He says you have done a loss business and calls yourself grocer. He says if Karishma doesn’t marry Alok then forget about getting shelter on Babuji’s statue, I will get the statue removed from here also. He drinks the tea and says write in Gupta ji’s account.

Kamini says I love Alok and asks her mother to get her married to him. Her mom says today we will give shagun, then marriage. She says Shiv will handle home and business, with Veeru. She says you can threaten Rajat and rule in the house. She says you can romance with Alok in the meantime. She gets happy and hugs her. Jaya comes to meet Alok. Alok tells that he is ashamed of yesterday. She asks do you love her? Alok says my dal will get burnt. He goes to kitchen. Jaya attends Shiv’s call. Veeru says Shiv bhaiyya and Rajat is on conference call. Shiv asks if he knows the girl. Alok tells that the girl Kamini came to their shop twice and he had seen her, but he don’t love her. Kamini’s mom calls Police station. Shiv makes a plan and tells them. They get happy.

Shiv’s message to the audience: They are four brothers, but the utensils are less as they wash their own plates after having food. He says Alok is best at calculations, Veeru is best at cleaning the house and Rajat gives them surprising news. He asks everyone to become grocer for the benefit.

Precap: Kamini’s mom shows the fake proofs and traps Alok. Jaya asks him to elope with her. Alok and Kamini are getting married. Shiv says bride has come to take her groom. Alok is shocked.

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