Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th September 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Happu calling Kamlesh and asks how did Hritik fall down? Kamlesh says no, I dropped him to school. Happu slaps him and blames him for making Hritik fell. Malaika asks Happu to listen to Kamlesh first. Kamlesh says I didn’t do anything, trust me. Rajjo says then who did this? If Ranbir is lying? Kamlesh says I didn’t do. Amma says Hritik lost his memory as he sped up the bike. Happu beats Kamlesh. Kamlesh shouts calling beni. Beni comes and stops happu from beating Kamlesh. Ranbir says he made hritik fell. Kamlesh says he is lying. Beni asks what was the need to drop the kids to school. He puts hot cloth on Kamlesh’s back to relieve him of pain. He imagines Vimlesh while massaging Kamlesh’s back. He tries to kill Vimlesh, but Kamlesh pushes him and says you

are mad, I don’t want to stay here. Beni says I have gone mad when you will come Vimlesh.
Happu asks Hritik to say who is he? Hritik says hari Kaka. Happu asks her to tell who is she signing at Rajjo? Hritik calls Birji to Ranbir and asks him to say. Doctor comes there and checks Hritik. Happu asks if he will become fine? Doctor says how do I know, I am not an astrologer and asks if he can see. Amma says can’t you see that he can see. Doctor asks why did you call me then? Rajjo asks Doctor to check him. Happu asks Rajjo to let him ask her. Doctor asks Hritik when did the britishers come to India? He then flips the questions. Ayushman answers him. Rajjo cries and says Hritik don’t remember anything. Doctor asks another question to Hritik. Ayushman answers. Malaika asks why you are asking him history. Doctor asks Hritik who is he? Hritik says I am brahma. Doctor asks them to tell him stories else show him to a good doctor. Amma scolds the doctor. Hritik says he is brahma.

Next morning, hritik calls birju and says he is mad. Rajjo is in shock and cries asking how he will get fine. Hritik comes out and is about to spit on his face, but stops. He spits at other side and asks what happened hariya kaka. He says he is Gauri Shankar and asks where is Birji? Amma asks where are you going early morning. Hritik says he is going to relieve himself. Amma says bathroom is inside. Hritik says he gets feeling outside and dances hearing song. Happu asks them to tell some story or lullaby to hritik. Rajjo asks Amma to sing lullaby. Amma sings Lullaby /song for him. Happu and Rajjo cry. Beni is standing at the pan shop and takes the pan. Happu comes there. beni asks what happened to his face. Happu says Commissioner vents out his anger on him. Beni asks about hritik. Happy says hritik is unwell. Kamlesh comes there. Happu beats him. Kamlesh asked him to check his location when the accident happened and beats him. Kamlesh’s hair is plucked out by happu. Beni asks Kamlesh to say sorry. Kamlesh says sorry, but not my fault. Happu asks him to kick Kamlesh out. Beni asks Kamlesh to go inside and asks happu to go for duty else commissioner will slap him on the other cheeks also. Happu hugs him and cries. Beni says I will take hritik to a good doctor.

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