Happu ki Ultan Paltan 19th May 2023 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 19th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 19th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hritik bringing food items for Alia, but the boy with her tells that she already had enough. Hritik tells Alia that he has brought chips etc for him. He says we have to leave from here and asks Alia to come. He takes her to his house. Amma sees her and tells that she will tell Happu. Hritik stops her and says he cares for her dream and life. Chamchi tries to emotionally blackmail Amma that Alia doesn’t want to go abroad. Amma says she shall agree to elders’ saying. Chamchi asks if elders can’t be wrong. Amma says anyone can do mistake. Hritik and Chamchi ask Amma to see Alia’s sad face. They all emotionally blackmail Amma to let Alia stay here.

Happu frees Kamlesh’s hand. Malaika asks him not to do anything. Kat tells Kamlesh that she was worried for him. He says your father had beaten me up and asks her not to lie. Resham Pal and Manohar are in the PS with bandages on their head. Resham Pal calls the Inspector who will handle Alia’s kidnapping case. Happu says I am handling this case. Inspector says now he will handle. He sends Manohar to get stuff to torture him. He says from today, you will say this. Manohar brings it. Happu says it is too much. Manohar comes home crying and tells them that bad thing is happening with Happu Sir. Amma asks him to say and slaps him. Manohar says Happu is arrested by Changej Arthur and he is torturing him to tell about Alia. Happu says I am myself searching for her. Manohar tells that Inspector is getting danger torture. Hritik hears and says he will take Alia to the PS. Amma slaps Manohar and asks what else he is doing with Happu. Manohar tells her. Hritik comes back and says Alia has eloped from here. Happu gets badly tortured in the PS. Hritik comes there. Resham Pal makes him sit. Changez says he will also beat him. Resham Pal scolds him. Hritik says Alia was not at home. Alia comes there and tells that she don’t want to go to London to study, she can’t be happy there. She says she wants to stay with all of them. Resham Pal says you would have said me once, nobody will send you forcibly. Resham Pal asks Manohar to take out his dearest Happu out. Happu comes out and tells Alia that she should have told him once.

Kat, Ranbir and others like the food. Happu is in pain and asks for roti. Chamchi asks Rajjo to bring roti for Papa. Amma asks Chamchi to go and get it. Happu asks Hritik to go and get roti from Mummy. Chamchi tells Amma that the theft happened in Sanjay Singh’s house. Happu says he is a lawyer infront of Beni’s house. He tells that Sanjay’s son had sold his scooter. Amma teases Happu. Hritik asks what is the market value of Papa’s scooter.

Episode ends.

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