Humsafars 30th September 2014 Written Update

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Humsafars 30th September 2014 Written Update by H_Hasan

Humsafars 30th September 2014 Written Episode

Arzoo reaches Mumbai via flight. Nausheen calls her husband and asks him to pick up Arzoo. He asks her to SMS flight number and timing. His second wife asks if it is Nausheen’s phone and asks him to tell Nausheen that he cannot give her money. He says she does not need money and informed about Arzoo coming to mumbai and says he does not want to get insulted by Arzoo.

Nawab showcases his family’s precious dress with gold and diamond in an auction and says it is from his great great great grand father and he wants some Indian to buy it. Auctioner fixes initial price as 15 lakhs. Sahir reaches the venue in his car and runs into the auction place while Arzoo follows him by auto and gets in. People bid it for 40 lakhs, but Sahir bids it for 1 crore. People talk that Sahir Chaudhry has come before seeing his face. Auction gets even exciting and a lady bids 1.25 lakhs. Sahir bids 2 crores. Nawab is happy that his dress is being sold for 2 crores. Auctioneer fixes 2 crores as final price and announces him as winner. Arzoo says he did not give her window seat but is wasting 2 crores on a dress. Nawab asks what will he do with his family dress. He says he money attracts money and he will earn more money from it. Another bidder asks what will he do with this dress. He says he will burn it, but then says he will burn it or cut it, it is his business now. Arzoo says he is very arrogant. Girls run behind Sahir while he gets into his car and leaves.

Nausheen and family miss Arzoo and get sad. Even parrot does not eat. Daadi jokes about her MIL and asks Nausheen to call Arzoo. Arzoo is seeing traveling in taxi and enjoying Mumbai’s sightseeing. She gets down at sea side and enjoys the breeze. Nausheen calls her and asks how is she. Arzoo says she is fine. Nausheen asks if her abbu Sarfaraz came to pick her. Arzoo jokes that he and his second wife came to pick her with band baja and says he left you as you could not bear a boy, now that she has reached Mumbai, she will show her dad that she is not less than a boy and says will make mom proud.

Arzoo reaches Alvira’s house. Alvira asks servant about her second son Zaki. Servant says he is not at home. Alvira calls him, but he does not pick her call. Her third son Shiraz comes there and asks her how was her trip. She says it was fine and asks what happened to his hotel plan. He says he is trying and tells he is going to Dubai to open a cement factory and says she has Zaki to hug her. Alvira asks about his wife Anam. Shiraz says Anam will stay in Mumbai and is trying to become vice president. Anam comes there. Alvira asks Anam why did not she stop Shiraz from going to Dubai. Anam says she is his mother and cannot stop him, they as a wife how will she. Shiraz says Anam is becoming their company’s vice president. Alvira says Zaki will become vice president. Shiraz says Sahir will decide about it. Anam asks Alvira why is she making Zaki as VP. Alvira says Zaki is her son and it is her responsibility to take care of his career. Alvira says she is working hard since 2 years and she is making her son VP instead of her, it is not fair. Arzoo reaches there and sees their fight.

Precap: Arzoo sees Sahir in swimming pool and gets shy. He asks her to give towel, and she shyingly hands over towel to him..

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  1. Liberty17
    October 01, 13:18 Reply

    I hope that this serial does well. It’s pretty interesting though until now
    But only time can tell

  2. Tina
    September 30, 13:59 Reply

    Just going by the update… I think it’s unfair of Alvira to make Zaki VP just because he is her son…while Anam has been working really hard to become VP…. That is totally unfair!

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