Ik Kudi Punjab Di 18th April 2024 Written Update

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 18th April 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 18th April 2024 Written Episode

Heer walks absentmindedly, thinking about Navjot’s suspicious behaviour. Suddenly, there’s a splash of water, and Heer nervously hugs Jeet, who holds her securely in his arms. Yashika sees them close and feels hurt. Jeet lovingly cleans Heer’s face, and Yashika cries seeing them so intimate. Heer remarks that it’s fortunate no one saw them.

Jeet senses Heer’s tension and decides he needs to uncover the truth his own way. Meanwhile, Yashika cries, reminiscing about Jeet’s affectionate words, mistaking her for Heer, and the moments they shared. She listens to a sad song while crying alone on the bed, wondering why she feels bad when Jeet and Heer are married and have loved each other since birth. Navjot receives a call from someone urging her to meet for the next plan, but she scolds them for disturbing her unnecessarily. The unknown caller is revealed to be Jeet, checking if Navjot is with Jarnail. Jeet believes Navjot is innocent, and Heer is overthinking. Later, Navjot agrees to meet.

A person in a hoodie meets Jarnail, showing him a video of Yashika tampering with Jeet’s car brakes. Jarnail sees Yashika as a potential ally. He calls Yashika, alias Heer, to meet him. Jeet enters Heer’s room but finds it empty. He then finds Yashika lost in thought. Yashika questions him if he ever felt someone close was drifting away because of a third person. Jeet acknowledges it but mentions fate reuniting him with Heer.

Yashika mentions not everyone is lucky in love. Jeet inquires about her heartbreak. Yashika admits she broke her own heart, so she has no one to blame. Jarnail meets Heer, giving her a tablet to give to Jeet, causing a heart attack. He instructs her to take it herself if she fails to give it to Jeet. Heer wonders why Navjot is helping Jarnail and if she’s also being blackmailed.

In the kitchen, Yashika makes green tea and rudely responds to Navjot’s queries. Jasmin worries when Gurmeet doesn’t answer her calls, fearing Beant might go to the farmhouse again. Heer calls Jarnail, warning that if anything happens to Jeet after consuming the tablets, the evidence will implicate her. She suggests Jarnail kills Jeet outside the house, making it look like an accident, as nobody will suspect a dead man. Navjot tells Beant she notices changes in Heer’s behavior and doubts if she’s the real Heer. Jasmin meets Gurmeet, but he scolds her for coming, urging him to come home for his parents’ sake. Yashika apologizes to Navjot for her earlier rudeness, suggesting they spend the day out together.

Precap: Rajwinder says to Jeet what is this behaviour you left your wife home and went out with Yashika. Rajwinder tells Sartaj that this is not the first time in this house that a man is out with another woman. Sartaj shouts at her. Jeet and Heer are together in the bedroom, they get romantic. Jeet says when we are together nobody can harm us. Beant Singh sees them together.

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