Ik Kudi Punjab Di 22nd February 2024 Written Update

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 22nd February 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 22nd February 2024 Written Episode

Rajwinder tells Jeet to bow down to Jarnail and ask for forgiveness if he wants to be spared. Jeet responds that he doesn’t need to apologize because he hasn’t done anything wrong. This confidence annoys Jarnail. Jeet compares himself to a lion. Jarnail points a gun at Jeet, threatening to end his life, but Heer arrives and intervenes, shocking Jeet. Heer frees Jeet’s hands, sits him down, and cleans his wounds, promising to protect him.

Rajwinder questions Heer for breaking her promise never to meet Jeet again. Heer explains that Rajwinder betrayed her trust, so she feels no obligation to keep her promise. She warns the goons not to harm Jeet. Jarnail threatens to kill both Jeet and Heer, but Rajwinder reminds him that Heer’s family will cause chaos. Jarnail boasts that when their bodies are found together, Heer’s family will hide the news out of embarrassment. The goons prepare to attack Jeet and Heer again, but Sartaj intervenes and orders them to leave immediately.

Jarnail tells Sartaj that he didn’t interfere when Jeet slapped him, so he should stay out of it now. He threatens to kill Jeet and anyone who gets in his way. Teji questions Jarnail’s behavior, but he rudely dismisses her. Sartaj slaps Jarnail and warns him not to mistreat anyone. Rajwinder tells Sartaj to stop going against his family for Jeet. She grabs the gun, intending to kill Jeet herself, but Sartaj stands in front of Jeet and challenges her to shoot him first.

Sartaj confesses that he is Jeet’s father, a truth he has kept hidden for many years. This revelation shocks everyone, especially Jeet. Jeet remembers his past moments with Sartaj. Sartaj acknowledges Jeet as his son, but Jeet refuses to accept him as his father. Sartaj apologizes to Jeet for hiding such a significant truth. Jeet accuses Sartaj of betraying his mother’s trust and angrily punches a pillar, injuring his hand. He expresses his desire to let his “dirty blood” flow out.

Sartaj begs Jeet to punish him instead of hurting himself, revealing that he has always been searching for him. Jarnail questions Sartaj if Jeet was the reason he never showed fatherly love. Sartaj defends Jeet, saying he never loved Jarnail any less. He admits that he only recently discovered the truth about Jeet. Despite Sartaj’s pleas, Jeet refuses to accept him as his father. Heer tries to comfort Jeet, but he asks her to leave him alone.

Precap: Rajwinder says to Teji that the damage is done, and Jeet knows who his father is. Soon he will be here to take his share in the property. Rajwinder gets emotional and says to Sartaj first his mother took my love and now her son will come for the share.

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