Ik Kudi Punjab Di 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 3rd February 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 3rd February 2024 Written Episode

Heer is on her way to solve a field problem as instructed by Rajwinder. She hopes the surprise she has planned for Jeet doesn’t turn into a shock for him. Meanwhile, Jeet is getting ready, wondering where Heer wants to send him. Tanya is all dressed up and eagerly waits at the date venue for Jeet. The waiter informs her that the entire location is reserved for her. Heer, feeling anxious, wonders if Jeet will wholeheartedly accept Tanya’s feelings. However, she decides to set aside her own feelings for Jeet’s happiness.

Tanya shows Teji the date venue, excitedly expressing that it matches her dream date expectations. She compliments Heer for sincerely handling everything. Tanya plans to propose to Jeet once he arrives, despite Teji’s suggestion that boys should be the ones to propose. Tanya insists it’s the 21st century, and girls can propose too. The driver drops Heer near the location, following Rajwinder’s instructions.

Tanya, while looking at Jeet’s picture on her phone, hopes he arrives soon. At the field, Heer listens to the laborers’ issues and agrees to check the work done. She decides to count the sacks for payment. The laborers urge her to hurry due to ongoing protests. Heer imagines Jeet helping her, bringing a smile to her face. However, she is shocked when she realizes he isn’t actually there. Heer wonders why this is happening but remains determined to prioritize Jeet’s happiness.

Meanwhile, Tanya practices proposing to Jeet for marriage. Heer focused on her calculations, is told by the laborers that they’ll take the payment in the morning due to the protests and their need to leave on cycles. The driver damages the car’s mirror and punctures both tires, leaving Heer stranded. With no network on her phone, Heer enters a nearby house in search of one.

Back at the date venue, Tanya is still waiting for Jeet. Heer is about to hit someone entering the house but is pleasantly surprised to find it’s Jeet. Startled, she hugs him, unaware that someone is taking their photo. Jeet mentions that the address on the note led him to this place. The driver sends a picture of Jeet and Heer to Rajwinder. Heer is shocked to discover that the address got changed, as she intended to send him to a hotel for the date.

As Tanya waits, Jeet and Heer find the hotel door locked from the outside. Tanya, angered by seeing a photo of Jeet and Heer hugging on the cake, informs Teji that Heer took Jeet with her.

Precap: Jeet picks Heer in his arma. Tanya sees them together and says this is not right. Teeji consoles Tanya and says Heer will be punished for what she did. Someone throws a lantern inside the room resulting in a fire. Heer and Jeet get trapped inside.

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