Ik Kudi Punjab Di 5th February 2024 Written Update

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 5th February 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Ik Kudi Punjab Di 5th February 2024 Written Episode

Teji says to Heer my mother was right you are not trustworthy. Rajwinder pretends to be nice and questions Teji about blaming Heer. Teji accuses Heer of making fun of Tanya’s feelings and asks Rajwinder what punishment Heer deserves. Tanya claims, Heer must have used black magic on Jeet, making him always listen to her. Jeet overhears the conversation.

Heer requests everyone to hear her side of the story before blaming her. Tanya interrogates Heer, questioning why she arranged a date for her and Jeet but called him to the farmhouse. Jeet is shocked to learn that Heer was sending him to meet Tanya. Heer insists she genuinely wanted to help. Tanya accuses Heer of wanting to insult her emotions. Jeet feels hurt, thinking Heer doesn’t care about him and wanted him to be with Tanya.

Teji asks Heer why she promised to help them and if she’s going to deny it. Tanya continues to insult Heer, and to escalate the situation, Rajwinder slaps Tanya. Rajwinder warns Tanya not to speak rudely to the daughter-in-law of the Atwal house.

Teji confronts Heer, blaming her for making Parneet leave the house, making Tanya cry, attempting suicide, and getting slapped. Teji becomes aggressive and questions why Heer has been spared. Rajwinder asks Heer not to mind Teji’s words and suggests she go rest. In his room, Jeet feels devastated. He questions Heer about her actions, expressing that she doesn’t care about his emotions. He asks her to leave, stating he would rather die than disrespect her, and shuts the door on Heer.

Jag Suna Suna plays as Heer reflects on how Jeet has always been by her side. Rajwinder acts kindly towards Heer, telling her not to feel bad about Teji’s insults. Heer wonders why Rajwinder is suddenly acting nice. Rajwinder admits she never hated Heer and shares her realization of accepting Heer as part of the family when she disappeared, especially after the incident with Parneet. Rajwinder reassures Heer that things will get better and aims to turn all family members against her.

Teji hugs Tanya, attempting to console her. Rajwinder goes back to her room and continues her act. She claims she didn’t want to slap Tanya but did so accidentally. Rajwinder mentions Beant Singh blaming them in front of the media, so she’s taking careful steps. She provokes Teji against Heer, stating it’s to maintain their respect in front of the media. Tanya and Teji become influenced by Rajwinder’s words against Heer.

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