Imlie 10th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10th May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 10th May 2023 Written Episode

Kairi picks Chini’s call. Chini asks how is her princess, if she is missing her. Kairi says she is very angry on her as she and pa/Atharva kept her away from Imlie, Imlie is the best and she loves Imlie. Chini sits shocked. Imlie takes receiver and tells Chini that she did wrong with Kairi by not feed her Imlie. Chini gets more shocked to hear Imlie’s voice and asks who is speaking. Imlie says she is summer camp’s director Imlie speaking. Line gets disturbed. Atharva takes phone and call gets disconnected. Chini stands frozen. Kairi tells Imlie that she can teach music to students even after they bullied her. Imlie asks how. Kairi brings her guitar. Imlie notices guitar broken.
Staff comes to call Kairi for lunch. Imlie promises Kairi to get the guitar repaired and asks her to have lunch properly and gain energy to play guitar.

Chini panics thinking if it was really Imlie and calls Rana house to confirm it. Rudra picks call. Chini in a different voice requests him to call Imlie. Rudra says Imlie is not at home. Chini asks when will she return, is she out of town. Rudra says he knows who she is. Chini gets tensed. Rudra says she is a telecaller who is trying to sell her product, they don’t need any credit card or loan; he disconnects call. Chini panics thinking Imlie must be at the summer camp and met Kairi already. She thinks of calling Anu, but then thinks she is just panicking unnecessarily and Anu will create more confusion. She heads to the market.

Atharva is at his guitar repair shop when a passerby identifies him and asks if he is a DJ from Delhi. Atharva gets nervous and says there is some misunderstanding and asks him to go as he is busy. He recalls his DJ days and gets angry thinking he had built a name for himself with his hard work, but Imlie ruined everything; he will never forgive Imlie for her betrayal. Imlie heads towards Atharva’s repair shop to get Kairi’s guitar repaired. Chini notices her and thinks if she really saw Imlie or imagining her. Imlie disappears. Imlie’s staff walks to Atharva and asks if he can repair this guitar. Atharva checks and says its his daughter Kairi’s guitar, how did he get it. Staff asks if he is Kairi’s father, director madam got it for repair, but he sent her back to car due to bad climate. Atharva insists to meet Imlie and thank her for doing so much for Kairi.

Imlie notices bracelet artist and asks her to make name bracelets for all her camp children. Artist says she has limited material and can’t make Imlie’s name bracelet. Imlie asks her to make Kairi’s name bracelet for sure. Lady prepares it and sens it via her son. Imlie notices Kair and Imlie’s name in a single bracelet. Boy says his mamma made a mistake and he will get it correct. Imlie says its okay as mothers never do any mistake. Ahtarva fixes guitar and asks staff to take him to director madam now. Staff’s calls Imlie and informs her that Kairi’s father fixed Kairi’s guitar and wants to meet her. Imlie says Kairi’s father got one more smile on Kairi’s face and asks him to bring him along. Rain starts. Imlie gets into car and draws window. Atharva reaches and thanks her for helping Kairi so much. Imlie is unable to hear him to due to sound. Atharva notices traffic jam and asks her to leave, he will meet her later. Chini reaches summer camp to confirm if it’s Imlie.

Precap: Chini reaches Imlie’s cabin to confirm if the director is really Imlie. She drops Imlie and Atharva’s photo frame in a hurry. Staff informs Imlie that a thief has entered her cabin. Kairi notices Chini and asks what is she doing here. Imlie enters cabin and stands shocked.

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