Imlie 11th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 11th April 2024 Written Update by SanonTT

Imlie 11th April 2024 Written Episode

Surya looks for Imlie in a dhaba. Surya is worried for Imlie. Anjali only thinks about Surya. Imlie is hiding from Surya.

The next morning Imlie wakes up and meets Jugnu in that dhaba. Jugnu apologizes for sprinkling the water. Imlie ask Jugnu why he didn’t go with the family members. Jugnu tells Imlie that he was also crying for Agasyta’s and Sonali suggest him to have a fresh start. Jugnu ask Imlie why she is sleeping in the dhaba and not staying with Surya. Imlie tells Jugnu not to take Surya’s name in front of her. Jugnu decides to inform Amma ji but Imlie tells Jugnu that she will tell Amma ji that Surya is Agasyta’s killer. Jugnu is shocked to know. Indira calls Surya and asks him why he is so worried about Imlie. Surya tells Indira that he will come home only after taking Imlie with him.

The dhaba owner tells Jugnu to start serving the customer. Jugnu starts serving the food to the customer and suddenly he meets Surya. Jugnu is surprised to see Surya. Surya ask Jugnu that he has seen Imlie. Jugnu denies Surya. Jugnu tells Surya to order the food. Surya tells Jugnu to bring what Agasyta likes to eat. Surya feel suspicious and he went inside to see Imlie. Surya tells Imlie to come with him but she refuses to go. Imlie points the gun on Surya and tells him to go otherswise she will fire the gun. Surya walks away but at the same time Raghu is also present in the dhaba with his gand members to take revenge from Imlie. Raghu wants Imlie to stay alone because it will be easier for him to kill her.

Surya comes back home. Hemlata ask Surya about Imlie. Surya tells Hemalata that Imlie don’t want to stay with him. Nirmala tells Hemalata that she is very happy to know this news. Surya tells Indira that he will go again to convince Imlie and if she will not come then he will still respect her. Indira tells Surya that Imlie is disrespecting him always and she will not change her mind. Surya tells Indira that he will make an another attempt to call Imlie. Indira tells Mahesh to call the car because she wants to meet Imlie.

Indira, Mahesh and Nirmala finds Imlie working in the dhaba. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie is ruining the reputation of the family. Indira tells Nirmala that Imlie is not the daughter in law. Jugnu suggest Imlie to leave by the evening because the place is not suitable for her. Imlie is determined to that he will stay with him. Nirmala taunts Imlie infront of Indira and Mahesh. Indira offers money to Imlie to leave Purwaiya.

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