Imlie 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 22nd May 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

Imlie heading towards airport in her car recalls Kairi’s requests to celebrate mother’s day with her each year. She thinks she is unable to forget Atharva and now Kairi’s memories give her more pain. Driver stops car and says due to heavy rain, there is a traffic jam and they can’t move further, so he will go and find a place for her to stay. Kairi dances with Atharva in a hut. Atharva recalls Imlie’s disheartening words and feels sad. Yaar Bedardeya.. song plays in the background. Dhairya gets worried for Imlie when she doesn’t reach airport. Rudra asks him why didn’t he bring Imlie along. Dhairya says Imlie wanted to stay alone for some time and rejected his proposal. Devika prays god to protect Imlie as she belongs to Atharva.

Chini calls Atharv and asks where are they. Atharva says they are stuck in a rain and will return home when rain stops. Rudra calls Imlie. Imlie informs that she is stuck in a traffic and driver has gone to find a place for her to take a shelter in. Dhairya insists to reach Imlie right now and tries to walk out of airport. Security personnel stop him. Kairi notices a puppy in rain and tries to shelter it. Imlie notices her and calls her. Kairi tells puppy that her monkey paa will come and save her. She calls Atharva. Atharva hears her and walks towards her. He notices a tree branch breaking and falling towards Kairi and runs towards her. Imlie also notices that and runs towards Kairi. Tree branch falls. They both hold it on time and thank god. Imlie is shocked to see Atharva and thinks if she is dreaming or he is for real. Atharva says its him. Imlie hugs him emotionally and asks why didn’t he come to her if he remembers her. Kairi walks to them and asks Imlie if she knows monkey paa. Imlie is more shocked to know that Kairi is his daughter.

Chini panics fearing Arto and Imlie will reunite. Anu calls her and frightens her that she had borrowed Arto and Kairi from Imlie and will have to return them. Chini breaks down and thinks she lost all her family members because of her evil nature before, but now she has changed and doesn’t want to lose her new family. Atharva asks Imlie to get into hut as the rain is increasing. Imlie stands in rain thinking Atharva left her 5 years ago and set up his own family, what is she doing here. A board flies towards Imlie. Kairi calls her. Atharva runs towards her.

Precap: Chini calls Kairi and asks where are she and Atharva. Kairi says they have sheltered in a hut. Chini asks if someone else is with them. Kairi says princess mamma. Imlie asks Atharva who is Kairi best friend and where is Kairi mother.

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