Imlie 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd March 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

Imlie returns home and searches for Atharva. Atharva blindfolds her from beind and then kneeling down offers her a rose. Imlie accepts it and asks why is this for. He congratulates her. Imlie says he won a deal though. Atharva asks her to listen to him for 2 minutes and says he had called her office and learnt that her sting operation was very successful, so he congratulated her. He gives her another rose and says its for helping him crack a deal. She says she just encouraged him. He says he joined dad’s business due to her encouragement and realized that dad needs him badly, he will inform dad about her help. Imlie stops him and asks if he wouldn’t have helped Rudra without her encouragement, its his efforts and hard work that got him 2 contracts. Atharva says she is amazing to give credit of her work to others. Imlie says he is not someone to her, they both are one. She kneels down and says even she should congratulate him similar and asks him to get ready for the party now. Atharva thinks whatever she says, he needs to reveal truth to dad for sure.

Party starts in the evening. Dhairya feels dejected. Akash questions who invited him to the party. Atharva says he invited Dhairya as Rudra organized this party to celebrate companies success and Dhairya deserves to be present more than them both, he requests not to create any scene now. Akash leaves thinking Atharva will know what he deserves when he is exposed. Atharva apologizes Dhairya on Akash’s behalf and him not to feel bad. Dhairya says he can’t tolerate Atharva’s sugar-coated talks. Atharva asks what problem he has with him. Dhairya Atharva is not special, he is just a rich father’s spoilt brat. Imlie asks if he considers himself as a voice of common man. Dhairya says he is a common man. Imlie says he is an arrogant man. Dhairya says staying in a high-rise building, she sees common man as small and forgot behavior. Imlie says she never differentiates between rich and poor, but Dhairya has forgotten his manners.

She takes Dhairya to Atharva’s room and describes how Atharva sacrificed his music career to support his father’s business and when he is trying to learn business, how Dhairya is stopping him. Dhairya leaves from there. Atharva asks Imlie to calm down. Imlie says revealing truth was necessary. Atharva says she is right, revealing truth is necessary. Rudra’s financier congratulates him for successfully bagging 2 big contracts. Rudra gives credit to Atharva and introduces him and Imlie to his financier. Akash shows CCTV footage to Keya and says he will expose Atharva in front of everyone by playing this footage on a projector. They both happily return to party and are about to play the video when Dhairya snatches remote. They ask him why he is helping Atharva when he as loggerheads with him. Dhairya breaks remote and says truth will be out soon.

Atharva tells Rudra that the credit should go to Imlie as she prepared that proposal and he just presented it. Keya and Akash smile hearing that. Atharva describes Imlie’s contribution without taking any credit for himself. Imlie gives credit to Dhairya as he had pitched in safety alarm idea and she just forwarded it. Client tongue lashes Rudra that his both children are incompetent to handle his business and announces to cancel the deal as he had given a deal because of Rana family’s reputation. Atharva requests him not to cancel it as Imlie is his wife and also part of Rana family, they will not let their reputation down. Imlie says every person is talented in their own way, some are good at business, some at arts, some at sports, etc., Atharva is a big DJ whose concert tickets are sold in black, maybe even client’s family children are eager to her his music, he tried his best to sacrifice his talent and help his father in his business, etc.

Rudra says his one son is incapable of handling responsibility and another son doesn’t want to take up responsibility, he is very disappointed. Devika diverts the topic and informs that dinner is served. Everyone disperse. Imlie gets her boss’ call who informs that he has sent her a list of transport companies where scam is happening and her father-in-law’s company is in a top list. Imlie says its impossible. Boss says they have to investigate though, she can back off if she doesn’t want to involve herself in this. Imlie says she is Imlie’s dauther Tmlie and will get the truth out at any cost.

Precap: Rudra introduces Imlie to his employees as their new boss. Employees comment that Imlie can’t handle a transport business. Dhairya says Imlie is incompetent to handle it.

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