Imlie 26th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th March 2023 Written Update by MA

Imlie 26th March 2023 Written Episode

Imlie records driver Mohan with his friend’s smuggling video and tries to run away. Dhairya enters and points gun at her. Imlie stands shocked. Atharva reaches Imlie’s office when she doesn’t pick call. Employee informs that Imlie has gone on driver Mohan’s route. Atharva recalls Imlie talking about a sting operation on Rudra’s company and asks if she went alone. Employee says Dhairya went behind her. Imlie asks Dhairya if he is also with smuggling. Mohan tells Dhairya its good that he came, he will get his fair share. Imlie gives lecture on honesty and asks if he betrayed Rudra so easily. Dhairya also delivers heavy dialogue on his honesty and points gun at goons. Goons ask him to support them and get rewarded handsomely.

Dhairya says he was just waiting to hear Mohan’s confession. Mohan calls his goons. Imlie slaps Mohan after heavy dialogues. Goons attack Dhairya. Dhairya trashes them brutally. One of them points gun at Imlie and warns Dhairya to stop. Dhairya stops, and goons start beating him. Atharva enters and rescues Imlie nad beats the goons. Dhairya says he enter late like a hero and will get all the credit. Atharva asks if he said something. Dhairya says no. Atharva continues beating goons and rescues Imlie again. Their eyes lock. Ishaqzaade.. song plays in the background. They all 3 beat the goons. Dhairya throws goons in a a truck and says it will stop only at police station. Atharva thanks Dhairya for coming behind Imlie and saving her. Dhairya talks about rich and poor as usual. Atharva asks can’t he stop talking about rich and poor and be normal. Imlie tongue lashes Dhairya for not letting him question drivers and smuggling happening under Dhairya’s noise since 3 years. Atharva calms her down. Imlie asks Dhairya to return office with truck and submit a report. Dhairya leaves angrily.

Rudra gets a call about Imlie busting a smuggling racket in their company with Atharva and Dhairya’s help. He infoms same to family. Devika asks if Imlie is safe. Rudra says yes and she is with Atharva now. Keya comments that wherever Imlie goes, there is a problem. Devika says Imlie goes to solve problems. Keya brainwashes her that Imlie gets herself into trouble and can’t be lucky always, so she shouldn’t work at Rudra’s company. Dhairya returns to office and shouts that he couldn’t find irregularities in 3 years which Imlie could in just a day. Drivers bathmouth about Imlie and says she will be tired within 1-2 days. Dhairya says even their mothers are women who gave them birth, women can handle antying, etc. He determines to prove that he is better than Imlie. Imlie and Atharva stop at a dhaba to enjoy food. Imlie asks him about his concert. He says it was cancelled due to low occupancy. Imlie asks him to perform right there to show his talent. He performs on Hai Re Mera Koka.. song. Everyone present there join them. Imlie and Atharva’s romance continues. Imlie gets her boss’ call to come and give him video evidence in person.

Precap: Imlie informs her boss that along with being a report at Bhaskar Times, she is a director of operations at D and R transport. Devika tells Rudra that she is worried for Imlie’s life and doesn’t want her to work at Rudra’s company. Boss tells Imlie that she has to resign from Bhaskar Times if she has to run D and R transport.

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