Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Update by MA

Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Episode

Surya calls Imlie and asks where is she going. Imlie says he can’t find her and she is going far away. Surya hears a bus conductor shouting that Mela Kheda’s bus will leave in some time. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie hasn’t forgotten her ex-husband and doesn’t want to accept Surya and hence left the house. Malti says Imlie trapped Surya for his money but didn’t accept him yet as his face resembles her ex-husband’s face, she acted as leaving the house, now Surya will search for her in the whole village, she has destroyed Surya’s life and hence indira should not accept her back in the house. Hemalatha asks her not to say that.

Surya reaches Imlie and asks her to return home. Imlie refuses and confronts him for earlier forcefully marrying her and now planning to have suhagraat with her. Surya says he doesn’t want to and just wants her back home. Imlie refuses and asks him to leave. Surya walks away dropping Imlie’s bags down. Imlie tries to pick her bags. A goon notices her and tries to misbehave with her. Surya reaches and punishes goon. Imlie says she will not return to his home and has found a cheap hotel. Surya checks hotel name and says it’s famous for illegal activities and he had raided it 6 months ago. He says he is just protecting her because of the promise he made to Daadi and asks her to get into his car. She gets in.

Reddy family continues to wait for Surya to return. Indira asks Mahesh to call Surya. Surya walks in with Imlie and her bags. Nirmala starts her drama and asks if she thought she is monster who will torture her and hence left the house. Hemalatha says Imlie must have left home after not liking her advice and tells Imlie that she will not tell anything which would hurt Imlie. Mahesh tongue lashes her for speaking against Indira’s orders. Imlie says it’s her mistake and not Hemalatha’s, so he shouldn’t scold Hemalatha.

Indira warns Imlie to shut her mouth and tongue lashes her next for going against her orders. Surya says he had told Imlie that he needs some time to know her first and then they will have suhagraat, Imlie was just respecting his request. Indira warns even him not to speak when she is speaking and orders him to sleep in the room with Imlie and not on the couch like yesterday. Back to room, Imlie and Surya’s long argument continues blaming each other..

Precap: Surya challenges Imlie to apply color to him. Imlie accepts challenge. Surya’s girlfriend colors him from behind. Imlie asks if they know each other.

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