Imlie 31st March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 31st March 2024 Written Update by MA

Imlie 31st March 2024 Written Episode

Indira asks Nirmala and Hemalatha if anyone has any problem with her rules and regulations in this house. Nirmala says no and Hemalatha nods yes. Imlie says she knows when the pain is old, it becomes a habit; she doesn’t want to change Indira’s rules but just wants to go and submit her exam form and return home before the ritual starts. Indira asks Nirmala to call Daadi and inform her that her ex-DIL broke family’s rules multiple times since 2 days. Imlie requests her not to disturb Daadi and agrees to perform the kitchen ritual and then go to file exam form. Hemalatha requests Indira to agree.

Anjali waits for Surya at a bus station. A thief steals her bag and runs away. She switches on a beeper. Thief gets confused and stops. She stops him and snatches her bag back. She takes out pepper spray from her bag and threatens to spray him until her fiance senior inspector Surya comes. Thief gets afraid and pleads to spare him as he is very poor and was stealing to fill his children’s stomach. Anjali sprays pepper spray to his eyes as a punishment and continues to wait for Surya. Surya reaches her. She hugs him and asks if Sunny boy was missing him. Surya says let’s go home and speak and keeps her bags in his car. She says his mother told he missed her, but he doesn’t seem so.

Imlie walks into kitchen to prepare halwa as per ritual. Maid asks if she shall help her. Nirmala stops maid and says let Imlie prepare it alone. Hemalatha says let her show the ingredients’ location to Imlie at least. Nirmala refuses her permission. Imlie prepares halwa hurriedly. She gets Daadi’s call who says she had Malti’s missed call, so she called her. She asks if she is fine, if Surya is troubling her, etc. Imlie says she is fine. Daadi asks if she filed her exam form. Imlie says she will file it after performing kitchen ritual. Nirmala silently walks into kitchen and seeing halwa already prepared switches on gas to burn it. Imlie returns and is shocked to see halwa burnt. Indira walks in and yells at Imlie for burning halwa. Imlie says she is sure that she had switched off gas before leaving. Indira orders her to prepare it again. Imlie notices it’s already 3:45 p.m. and requests her to let her go and file the form and return soon to complete the ritual. Indira denies her permission again.

In car, Anjali describes how she stood like a pillar of support for Surya since his struggling days and promises to be by his side always. She says once she reaches his house, she will speak t his mother about their marriage. Surya says he is taking her to a hotel and not home and will book her return ticket. Anjal is shocked and asks if his mother doesn’t know about them, why did she call him here then? Surya says a lot happened in his life after he came to Purvaiya. Imlie calls him and she is missing deadline to file the form, but Indira is not letting her go out and wants her to complete the kitchen ritual. Surya shouts at her to obey Indira and finish kitchen ritual. Anjali asks who was on phone. Surya says no one.

Imlie calls form accepting officer and requests him to wait for another 2 hours till she finishes the ritual at home and reach office. Officer says 4 p.m. was the deadline and she can file the form next year. Imlie feels disheartened. She prepares halwa and serves it to family. Indira and Nirmala continue to taunt her. Surya returns home. Mahesh asks him to taste a halwa, it’s very tasty. Surya tastes it and says it’s really tasty. Back to room, Imlie confronts him for not taking her to school because of which she lost her deadline this year. Surya shows her form. Imlie asks him to prepare it’s boat and leave it in a river. Surya forcefully takes her out and introduces her to the officer who accepts form. Officer asks why didn’t she inform him over phone that she is inspector’s wife, he would have brought the form to her house. He asks her to sign the form and leave the rest to him. Imlie stands speechless. Indira peeps from a window and watches them.

Precap: Surya challenges Imlie to apply color to him. Imlie accepts challenge. Surya’s girlfriend colors him from behind. Imlie asks if they know each other.

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