Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd March 2020 Written Update

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd March 2020 Written Update by MA

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 23rd March 2020 Written Episode

Gunjan wakes up early hearing alarm sound an doesn’t find Yogi next to her. She walks out and sees Yogi practicing football. Ay Sala Ke Abhi Abhi Hua Yaqeen…song..plays in the background. Yogi hits football at neighbor’s window and breaks glass. Neighbor comes out and shouts, Yogi hides.

Neha speaks over phone to her hospital colleague when she opens door hearing door bell and is surprised to see Pari with her bag. Pari says she came to stay with her. Neha discusses about her PG owner who inspects room every week, etc. and seeing football in her hand asks if she came for Yogi. Pari denies and says she will be assisting Dr. Wilson. Neha gets excited hearing that and asks how did this happen. Pari says she mailed Dr. Wilson who rejected her request, then she took Dr. Bhalla’s help and convinced Dr. Wilson. Neha asks if she wants to hear Gunjan call Yogi’s name. Pari says denies first, but then agrees.

At home, Rani tells Yogi that she prepared his favorite breakfast poor bhaji and jalebis. Yogi says he doesn’t want to have it. Prakash walks in and shouts as usual asking reason. Bablu with Surjith walks in with lots of eggs and milk can and says bhai will have 1 dozen egg and lots of milk as he needs protein to play football. Prakash yells at him. Moin enters and says its a gift for Yogi as he wants Yogi win football match. Prakash fights with him as usual and says he will not pay for milk. Moin says its a gift for Yogi and warns Prakash not to use milk to prepare tea. Gunjan signals that nutritious food is needed for Yogi’s football practice and he was awake practicing till 3 a.m. Prakash suggests Yogi not to be awake till late night and to start practice early morning instead. Moin and his nok jhok continues which everyone enjoy.

Yogi goes to football ground for practice. Coach calls him and he starts playing with team mates. Coach asks him to be fast and says its not happening. Team mate cross legs him and makes him fall down. Coach says he told its not possible for him and orders to go and sit on bench. Yogi walks back to bench sadly. Surjith and Bablu cheer him up.

Precap: Dadaji teaches football to Yogi and hits at Dadi.
Sujoy tells Pari that they have to make place for each other in the same pace and life passes on in this way. She asks if he is in touch with Yogi. He nods yes.

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