Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 22nd January 2015 Written Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 22nd January 2015 Written Update by Amena

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2 22nd January 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Poornima’s entry in Indrajeet’s house. He says Poornima you have come, lets see how is my sister. She hugs him and Ahilya. The kids come and meet her, and hug her. She kisses them. They ask for gifts. She asks how is their new Nanny. They see Indrajeet. He says its better if we don’t talk, they make every Nanny run away by their mischief, no one can stay here. She says you have world’s best lovely kids and you scold them, see how scared they are. He says so I m the bad man and asks them to go and study. He asks where is Kavita. Poornima says she came with me, don’t know where is she, and looks on as Kavita comes holding a Lord idol, wearing a simple saree. Everyone look at her.



Indrajeet asks Ahilya to take Kavita to her room. He asks Poornima to sit. Mami says yes, I will get something to eat. Indrajeet says finally, we can sit and talk, how did your exams go. Poornima says very well, my masters is over and I m here forever. He asks how did she convince Kavita to come here. She says she was feeling lonely, I convinced her to come here. Renuka talks to Anshul’s mum, and says he is going USA and we want the marriage to happen soon, if you need more time, I will break the relation. Renuka says no, the children like each other. She says yes, but you did not understand us, they will forget each other in few days.


Jyoti comes and hears her. Renuka says don’t break the relation, I will try to do marriage soon. Jyoti takes the call and the lady says sorry, this is my last decision. She ends the call. Riya gets angry knowing this, and Renuka cries. Kalindi serves food to Avdhoot and Ajju. Mala comes to them and says I would have made breakfast. Kalindi says no, I m doing the work. Mala apologizes to her and says I have hurt you all a lot, I will go from here today, if possible forgive me. Kalindi says then you have to do something. Mala says she is ready. Kalindi asks her to rectify her mistake, and if she loves Ankush, help us in changing him. Mala hugs and thanks her. Kalindi asks her to shift in Ajju’s room. Mala agrees.


Ankush comes and asks why is she still here. Kalindi serves food to Mala and not Ankush. He starts asking why is she favoring Mala over her son. Kalindi says its strange you are my son, I will treat you as you are to us. Ankush says stop your drama, and you can’t sit on my property, I have 100 ways to get my property back. Kalindi says I will see how you get the property against my wish, I m your mother. She says you will get it if you marry Mala. Ankush asks why should I marry if the property is mine. Avdhoot takes Kalindi, and Ajju also leaves. Mala goes to her room. He says I can’t bear this family drama daily, I have to do something to get out of this swamp.


Jyoti tells Riya that she will talk to aunty and everything will be fine. Riya cries and says no, I m also sure that you are the root of this problem. She scolds Jyoti and says I m sure you do this intentionally, if I m saying wrong, tell me if your Maayka has celebration when we had problem, would they posptpone it, you would have gone and celebrated. Jyoti says no, how can you think this. Renuka says no one died in your family, they are not small children to get missing, its small thing and it was not big reason to stop Riya’s marriage. Jyoti says I did not tell Sid to postpone Riya’s marriage, don’t blame me. Renuka says you married twice and not letting Riya marry once. Jyoti says enough, and leaves crying.


Avdhoot asks Kalindi not to fight with Ankush, as he has grown up now. She says yes, he has spoiled. He says he has goodness in him, you have put it in him, its not impossible, you have to be patient, no use to fight with him, we have to explain him slowly and I m sure he will understand it one day.


Jyoti comes in her room and cries. She says why did Sid go far, I need him. She calls Sid and can’t connect. She says I thought about this house first and they all hate me, I won’t stay here now. She packs her bag and take Anaya.

Poornima says the house is awesome, I was worried. Indrajeet asks why, whatever Ahilya decided for us is always proved right, and I trust her decisions, you should also trust. She says yes, we respect her decisions, but I was scared to come in new city, but I think its awesome, there are best colleges here and I m thinking to study ahead, do my admission as I will stay here. He asks her to rest and go for shopping in malls. She says yes, I will have fun before studies start.


Jyoti stops at the door thinking about Sid’s dad’s words, that Renuka isn’t bad, she speaks rude. Renuka asks why did she stop, thinking where did she go, Sid is innocent and trapped by you, I won’t. Jyoti says you are elder and I won’t answer you, I stopped thinking I m doing wrong, Sid gave me this responsibility by his trust. Renuka says you could not do any responsibility, you can stay here, our relation is over now, you will stay here but I won’t have water and food by your hand. Jyoti asks why is she doing this, she will not let Riya’s relation break. Renuka asks her not to do anything. Jyoti says she won’t listen to her. Renuka asks her to not do anything for Sid’s sake.


Ahilya brings Kavita to her room. She asks why did she stop, its her room. She asks why did you get this idol here. Kavita says then I would have not come. Ahilya says so much belief, Lord did no do anything, and same happiness given to you was also snatched, why do you preach him. Kavita says Aai, Lord gave me and took it back, why to blame him now, Lord has given me peace. Ahilya says how can this life be peaceful. Kavita says forget the past and come under Lord’s shadow, you will feel the peace. Ahilya says I can’t win over you, tell me did you like the room, its all good, colorful bedsheets.


Kavita says I don’t need colors in my colorless life, I want to be alone for some time. Ahilya thinks she did not see a smile on her daughter’s face since years, don’t know I can see her happy in this birth or not.

Astha says she will go and wash the stains, as its not cleaned. Ahilya says yes and signs somewhere. Astha goes upstairs. Ahilya thinks how does she know there is washroom upstairs also.


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  1. sri111
    January 25, 03:11 Reply

    Nice epi, but no shlok scene really unhappy…

  2. savya
    January 22, 13:22 Reply

    O my god!!!
    Really shlok. …..
    Ab itna paisa may itna ich milega…. Shlok babu….coz ur poor now not bussiness tycoon……
    Tycoon is ur shameless wife s boyfrien new…boss..verry lucky astha rich man u hv for romantic moments…hhee haa…..
    Okay bye im leaving…..

    Bdw where is my biggst enemy neelu or. ……. Or watevr her name..


  3. savya
    January 22, 13:08 Reply

    But shlok this new girl is so ugly looking…even ur charactrless wife is btr den her…
    Don’t worry …..she will make herslf according to u wid coming epi..hhee


    • shlok agnihotry
      January 22, 13:16

      SSo what savya.. 😀
      my charactrless wife s new love is too look lie a crow.
      😉 😉
      And what can i do dis directr gives me this girl……b
      🙁 🙁

  4. savya
    January 22, 12:57 Reply

    Actly this is not asth s fault. .mainly d thing is astha need rich man nd shlok bechara ID to bni nhi ussey to money kahan say laega…food truck bhi de diya….

    Poor shlok…
    But dont worry shlok ur girl has come……..

    Forget this cheap charactrless wife astha……..who demands only money……
    Give her a tyt slap….nd make her to realise that there r so many girs waiting for u. …


    Stupid show……….
    Sorry. 😛 😛 😛 😛

    I m really sorry…..
    Coz i dont like serls….hheee coz of this nonsns

  5. savya
    January 22, 12:47 Reply

    Hello everyone!!!!!!
    I m back….
    Lets start………

    Astha as PA Nd shlok as childer care taker…stupid trkkk

    Intensnly astha will go to indrjeet s bedroom nd washroom and will share some romantic moments with her new love or boss. ..shameless girl astha…….

    I hate you astha…….nonsns girl.

    Bdw tell me somone. …. A PA works with her boss ryt?? To kya vo boss ka sab kuch use kar sakta hai.even bathroom also…….. So shamefull astha grounflor par kya washroom nhi boss a hi use karna hai…… 😀 😀 😀

    Everything of boss will b used by his PA name astha shlok agnihotry shameless and charactrless girl………

    And a pa works inhis boss house nd boss always in his house no work in office……ridiculous……

  6. nihaal
    January 22, 12:20 Reply

    Very nice episode na I like the precap

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