Jhanak 14th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 14th December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 14th December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh taking Dadi’s permission to let Jhanak stay. Dadi asks Bipasha and Tanuja to go and check if the room is clean. She asks Jhanak to do. Dada says we will discuss what to do next. Shrishti says you are doing wrong. Dadi says we will discuss and find a solution. Jhanak goes upstairs. Anirudh says let Arshi stay, I need to talk, its imp. Arshi says I also need to talk to you. She asks Shrishti to go.

Tanuja shows the room to Jhanak. She scolds Jhanak. She asks Jhanak to stay away from Anirudh. Jhanak asks why would I go to him. Bipasha says you have tried to snatch Arshi’s place and won the dance competition, this is Kolkata, no one cares for dancers like you. Anirudh says I knew you will always support you, Tejas is dangerous, I couldn’t leave her to die. Arshi says Tejas was marrying her, accept your mistake, your decision has got crisis in the family. He says I m helping her and you are calling it crisis. Jhanak says I will go if you want. Bipasha asks her not to act. Tanuja says she just wants sympathy from Anirudh. Bipasha scolds her. Appu gets an apple for Jhanak. She says they scold me also, you don’t listen to them. Tanuja shouts on her. They leave. Anirudh says I love you, not because you are beautiful and talented, I love your heart, who helps everyone. Arshi says I m leaving now. He says no, I won’t let you go. She says just let it be, I have my views, you refused to me when mom said Jhanak can stay with us. He says she is my responsibility, aunty doesn’t like her. Appu consoles Jhanak.

She says I like you a lot, do you like me, shall I call you gift. Jhanak says call me Jhanak, my name is Jhanak. Appu says okay, who is there in your family. Jhanak recalls Urvashi and cries. Appu says sorry, don’t cry. Jhanak says no, you are very sweet. Appu says no one called me sweet, stay here, don’t do anywhere, I will keep you along. Jhanak cries.

Appu says I will take you to the terrace, come. Anirudh says don’t go, we had many plans, sorry. Appu asks Jhanak to hold her well. She says I m sick, I can’t walk well, everyone says I can’t get married, anyways leave it, I will get sad, I will show you the entire house. Anirudh romances Arshi. Appu says we will tell Anirudh that we are going on the terrace. She enters the room and screams. Jhanak asks what happened. She comes in. Anirudh and Arshi get disturbed. Appu says they are getting lovey dovey. Anirudh gets angry on Jhanak. Appu says sorry, don’t get angry, we didn’t see anything. Anirudh scolds Jhanak.

Jhanak says I didn’t open the door. Arshi scolds her. Anirudh says knock and come next time. Appu says I told her, we will tell Anirudh and go. Anirudh and Arshi get angry. Jhanak says sorry. Appu says we will go now, his mood gets bad when he is with Arshi, we will come later when he is alone. They leave.

Arshi angrily leaves. Shrishti argues with Vinayak. She says Jhanak will do household work. Vinayak says she is so talented. She says even her mum used to do this. He says you help others, what problem do you have with others. Arshi says let Jhanak stay there, we will get her here if its imp. Shrishti says she can’t stay there. Arshi says I can’t go and argue. Shrishti says she is our relative, she will stay here. He says Anirudh knows you will send her back.

Shrishti warns Arshi and says you will regret, make Anirudh and Jhanak away.

Anirudh apologizes to Jhanak. She says I m the maid of this house, you just give the order, I will say sorry. He feels bad. Anirudh coughs. Jhanak gives water. Bipasha scolds her.

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