Jhanak 17th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 17th December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 17th December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jhanak dropping the sushi at Anirudh’s clothes. Arshi and Bipasha scold her. Anirudh says Chotan told you to eat it with hands, if you couldn’t eat it with chopsticks. Everyone feels embarrassed and taunts Jhanak. Jhanak says sorry, I didn’t know how this happened. He says this happened because you were using something you don’t use. Chotan asks him to go and clean his shirt. Bipasha says let it be, lets leave now. Chotan asks them to have food. They all leave the food. Arshi says we could have taught you to use chopsticks. Jhanak cries. Lal asks Chotan to pay the bill. They all leave. Jhanak says no, please.

She cries. Chotan says such little things happen. The man says crockeries also broke, I will add the amount in the bill. Chotan says yes, we will pay. Appu says its okay, I do this every day. Chotan says people take two days to learn these little things, whatever you have seen, you need a life to learn it. She says sorry, your party spoiled because of me. He says no, I had fun. Chotan and Appu cheer up Jhanak.

The servant gets the shirt to Anirudh and says this stain isn’t going. Anirudh says I know. Bipasha says we are coming inside the room. Anirudh says you got the army. They ask about his fav shirt. Servant says I will give this to my son. Anirudh says I gave half wardrobe to you. Bipasha says give the shirt to him, its your mistake. Anirudh says it was an accident. She says Arshi’s mood spoiled, it was so embarrassing. Servant keeps the shirt and goes. They tell Anirudh about the puja shopping. Anirudh says you should pray in puja, not spend money. Appu comes and says they would be asking you something. They say we need new clothes. Bipasha stops them. Anirudh says I will get clothes for Appu also. Appu says they have many new clothes already, don’t waste your money. They say we will wear red clothes, we will buy the clothes for Appu also. He says I will do the shopping. Bipasha says take Arshi along. He says I will manage. Jhanak comes to Appu.

Anirudh thinks Jhanak might have felt bad, I should apologize to her. Shrishti talks to Bharat. He asks did Anirudh reach there safely. She says there is a big problem, Jhanak has come here, Anirudh got her. He is shocked and asks what, is she there, I knew it, its not right. She says I know.

He says you don’t know Tejas, he will kill me and burn my house, I have to tell this to him, is Jhanak there, Anirudh can slip, keep that girl away from your house and marriage. Shrishti says she is staying at Anirudh’s house. He asks did he get mad, ask Arshi, if she wants to marry or not.

Jhanak says food is ready. Appu says come inside, Anirudh is buying new clothes for everyone, red colour will suit you. Tanuja comes and scolds Appu. Anirudh asks her to relax. Jhanak asks Appu to come and have food. Tanuja asks Appu to get out. Appu says no, I won’t go anywhere until Anirudh promises to get clothes for Jhanak. Bipasha says Jhanak isn’t a part of this family. Anirudh sees Jhanak. Appu goes with Jhanak. Shrishti says if Arshi cries because of Jhanak, then I will kill her, anyways, you are coming in Ashirwad rasam. Bharat says don’t know what will happen if Tejas knows. She says I will get free of this Jhanak. He says get rid of her before I die, Tejas thinks we all helped Jhanak escape, get Jhanak home, try to manage things, everyone’s lives are in danger, even Arshi’s. She says no, I won’t let this happen, I can’t trust Jhanak, don’t worry, I will talk to Arshi. He says be careful, no one should know about it, why did I call Anirudh here, he met Jhanak, whatever he is doing for Jhanak, its not normal. She worries.

Tanuja talks to Anirudh. She asks about the honeymoon tickets. Anirudh says yes, Switzerland, it’s a secret, don’t tell Arshi. They all go. Tanuja says I need to talk to you, how long will Jhanak stay here. He says we will see for a few days. He argues with her and defends Jhanak. He says she isn’t a maid here, if so, then she should get a salary if she is working here as a maid, she can study and do a job. She says you are just dreaming. She goes. He keeps his shirt and recalls Jhanak.

Anirudh says I didn’t get you here to do work. Jhanak asks why did you get me here. Anirudh buys clothes for everyone.

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