Jhanak 18th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 18th December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 18th December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh talking to Arshi on call. Jhanak hears him. He sees her and asks are you cleaning the room, I need to talk. She says I want to go away, I don’t want to embarrass you. He says it was an accident, don’t think of it, I didn’t get you here to work. She asks why did you get me then, I know things aren’t in our control. He says spare time for yourself and your studies, your exams are coming, give me list of books, I will get it, don’t quit the final year. She asks will you get books for me. He says yes. She asks but why. He says don’t waste my time, you came here to make your life better, you have to get a decent job, you have to go to Srinagar to give exams. She gets scared. He says we will send you with police protection. She says no. He says I have thought of it, its imp, I got you here for a motive, not to make you a maid, I know there are many problems here and you are dealing with it, I m sorry for that. She says you have made many favors on me, don’t say sorry, I can’t repay for it. He says you can repay for it by completing studies and becoming successful, you have to work on your dance also, everything will be fine. She says that life isn’t for me. He asks why, because there is struggle in it, you can’t get anything without hardwork, I will help you. She says no, we will fall in a big problem. He says no, you have potential, the world can’t call you wrong, give me some credit when you become world famous dancer. She asks are you joking. He says no, I wish and think good for you, we have to fight and leave some battles, you have to fight this battle, clear your exams and become a better dancer, become super successful, I want this, I want the list of books, don’t forget. She thanks him and cries. She goes.

At Arshi’s event, Anirudh and his family applaud for Arshi’s performance. Chotan asks Jhanak to dance. Appu also insists. Anjana says perform for them if they are insisting. Rumi and Mimi ask Jhanak to make coffee for them. Appu says ask the servants to make it, don’t tell anything to Jhanak. Rumi says she is Jhanak’s bodyguard. Jhanak says I will make it. Anjana says we want Jhanak to dance.

Arshi comes on the stage. Anirudh’s parents praise her personality and dance talents. Vinayak smiles and says she has talent in her blood. Bipasha says everyone is busy in the puja arrangements, but I couldn’t miss Arshi’s performance. Lal also praises Arshi. Anirudh asks aren’t you lucky. Lal says I m talking about you. Anirudh takes Arshi’s pics. Anjana says I want to see Jhanak dancing. Jhanak says I will make coffee and juice first. Chotan says focus on your performance. Appu gets ghungroos for Jhanak. Anjana asks Jhanak to dance. Anirudh talks to Bipasha and Lal. She asks him to buy a nice saree for Arshi. Chotan asks which song do you want, you play it. Jhanak plays it. Appu asks Jhanak to go.

Arshi dances on stage on Ore piya…. Jhanak dances at home on the same song. Anirudh and everyone clap for Arshi. Everyone smiles seeing Jhanak and clap for her. The lady calls the other contestant. Anirudh says we should leave now. Bipasha says we have work. Tanuja invites Vinayak in puja. Vinayak says sure, Anirudh would you please drop Arshi home. Anirudh says sure. Chotan, Appu and Anjana praise Jhanak’s dance. Anjana says dance is in her blood. Chotan says once more. Appu and Anjana says yes, once more for us, lets do something different, you are from Kashmir, I will play Kashmiri song. Jhanak dances on Bumro song. Anirudh’s family come home. They praise Arshi’s dance. They see Jhanak dancing. Jhanak stops seeing them.

Anirudh and Arshi go for shopping. He buys a saree for Jhanak. Jhanak refuses to accept it.

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