Jhanak 19th May 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 19th May 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 19th May 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh thanking Jhanak for the bouquet. They have a talk. She asks how will I go back home in this weather. He says its not raining, it will be fine, what did you tell at home. She says I have lied for your sake, I will go to Srinagar in a few days, so I couldn’t refuse to you. She thinks I will never come back here. He says don’t stay there for more days, there is risk. She says I have to face the risk, I want to see what happens there, you have already arranged police protection. He says yes. She says I will go where my fate takes me. He says oh, you want to go back to Rahul, get him here, he will find a job. She says don’t talk about this, I have taken big risk and came here, if you say this, then my mood will get spoiled. He says you are going to leave. She says yes. He says I will book the tickets. She says no, I will buy it online, we shouldn’t fight. He says fine, tell me what do you want to eat. She says its my treat, you tell what you want to eat. He says you are going to make food for me tomorrow.

She says if you come to Srinagar, then maybe I can buy things and cook food for you. He says yes, we can share the food if you want. She smiles and says you behave like kids sometimes. She says I heard everyone has planned a lot for you. He says yes, but you won’t be there. She says your family would be there. He asks aren’t you close to me. She asks how can I be close. He says I can add you to that list. She orders two fresh lime soda. Anirudh says you remember it. He reminds the old times.

He says I can’t forget that thing. She asks why. He says I can’t tell the entire reason, that day is special for me, everyone felt we are married, they were celebrating, what happened, tell me, else my age will get short, will you care if I die. She asks him not to repeat that. He asks why, will you miss me if I die. She says I will die before you, Tejas won’t leave me, I won’t surrender to him, if he kills me, then will you miss me. He stops her. Lag jaa gale….plays…. They see each other. The waiter gets the fresh lime soda. Jhanak asks how will we return home. Anirudh asks her to order food, its his treat. She says I have a proof, you hate me. He says I knew you will say it, you will not remember how I supported you.

She nods. He says I m concerned about you, is this my mistake. She says I know, think about your new life, don’t waste your time thinking about me. He says I want you to make your career and get independent. Waiter comes to take the order. Choton calls Anirudh. Arshi says I have taken risk and came here, Ani isn’t here. Everyone waits for Anirudh.

Arshi says Jhanak is also missing. Shubh says Jhanak does what she wants. Anjana says she will go in a few days, she went to buy books. Tanuja says Choton can get books for her. Anjana says I told her, but she said she doesn’t want to burden him. Waiter says Sir, cyclone possibility is there, you should leave soon, sorry for the inconvenience. Anirudh says that’s fine, serve the order. Jhanak says I m scared of wind and rains, and thundering. Anirudh says strange, don’t get scared, I m with you. The food is served. She says we can’t have much food, we have to eat food at home also. He says I want to have food well. She says you remembered what all I liked. He says yes, you came to the house boat and told me.

She says its an old thing. He says yes, I remember, have it now. She says its your birthday, have it. He feeds it to her. Everyone discusses about Jhanak and Anirudh’s absence. Bipasha says I feel there is some connection, where is Jhanak, its 10.30pm now, where is Ani, he has a car to drive and come home. Jhanak gets emotional. She asks Anirudh to have food. Waiter asks shall I get the bill. Anirudh says okay, dessert cancel. Waiter says sorry, weather is bad, cyclone can come anytime. Anirudh says we will manage, get the bill. Jhanak asks shall we cut the cake.

She sings the birthday song. He smiles and cuts the cake. He gets the bill. Arshi says storm has got calm now, Ani can come back home, he has switched off his phone, maybe someone else wants to celebrate his birthday before us, I m sure they are together. Anirudh pays the bill. He says its not raining, but weather is bad, we should leave. Jhanak says I m scared. Anirudh jokes. She says I get scolded every day because of you. He says you don’t get happy when I talk to you, right.

Jhanak says I will go tomorrow, I bought this ring for your wedding. Anirudh says then make it wear it. Jhanak makes him wear it and goes. Anirudh thinks I will always wear this ring. Arshi asks about the ring.

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