Jhanak 20th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 20th December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 20th December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh apologizing to Jhanak. She refuses to take the gift. She says I m a maid here. He says no, its not like that. He recalls Urvashi’s letter. She says if anyone sees this gift, I will get taunts. He says I got this for you. She says you should have bought the gift for Arshi. They argue. She apologizes. She says you got me here and gave me shelter, sorry. He says forget it, please take this saree. She says I can’t take this. He says I m giving you something for the first time, anyone will see and misunderstand, take it. She says if anyone asks me about it, shall I say you gifted it to me. He says you can say you got this from Kashmir. She asks shall I lie. He asks are you angry on me. She says no, I m a maid, you are the boss, I have no standard to get angry on you. He says Jhanak… She asks why.

Tejas scolds the villagers. He asks them to tell about Jhanak. The sarpanch says we don’t know about Jhanak. Tejas shouts lie, you know where is she, this can’t happen that she disappeared, you think I can’t find her, I will find her out, tell me if you know anything. Anirudh says you have to work hard to make your future, study and get a good job, you have to become independent if you want to end this humiliation. She asks why do you care. He says I can’t explain you right now, take this saree else I will feel bad. She takes it and says you won’t do this again. He says fine.

She says promise me, you won’t get anything, I won’t feel good. He says fine, it’s the last time. He goes. Tejas threatens the villagers. A villager stops Tejas and says I want to tell something, Jhanak has run away with Anirudh. Tejas asks what. The man says yes, I have the pic, I have to stay in this village. Tejas says fine, come to my house, show the pic and take the reward. He leaves.

Appu looks for Jhanak. Anjana asks her to stay calm. Anirudh asks Jhanak to go and change, wear new clothes like everyone. She says I m not from the family. Dadi asks Mimi to sing the puja song. Mimi agrees. Arshi comes. Anirudh compliments her. Mimi sings. Everyone smiles. Dadi asks Anjana to read the Panchaali. Anjana reads it. Dada asks everyone to cover their feet. Dadi says Gangajal shouldn’t fall on the feet. Vinayak comes and talks to Shubh. Dada says I want Rasgullas in my room.

Vinayak asks Jhanak why didn’t you wear new clothes. Appu thinks and goes. Dadi says you should have worn new clothes. Arshi says I will send my clothes for Jhanak, she can wear it. Anirudh says we should give her new clothes, you are her sister. Arshi says yes, my clothes are almost new, I will send it. Appu says Jhanak should wear new clothes. She gets a red saree and says why didn’t Jhanak wear this. Mimi says Jhanak is lucky to get Arshi’s designer clothes and accessories. Bipasha taunts Jhanak.

Jhanak says let it be, I have clothes, a crow can’t wear a peacock feather. Bipasha says look Arshi, how she has taunted you. Appu says Jhanak will look so beautiful, she is wearing Rumi’s old dress. Tanuja says we shouldn’t argue with people of lower standards. Appu asks Jhanak to see what she got for her. She says this was in your cupboard, you had a beautiful red saree, you forgot to wear it. Jhanak worries and recalls her marriage with Anirudh.

Shrishti comes and asks Arshi is there any problem. Arshi says Appu got this sindoor and saree from Jhanak’s cupboard. Jhanak says its mine. Shrishti insults her. Jhanak shouts.

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