Jhanak 21st December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 21st December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 21st December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Appu saying I got this for you, Anirudh didn’t get anything. Arshi stops Jhanak. Anirudh thinks it’s the saree Jhanak had worn on the marriage day. Jhanak worries and thinks what to tell everyone. Tanuja and everyone question Jhanak about the bridal saree. Appu shows the sindoor box and asks what’s this. Tanuja sees the sindoor box. Shrishti comes and looks on. Tanuja says good to see you. Shrishti says I got late, did the puja end. Dadi says yes, all this happened. Shrishti asks what happened. Vinayak asks Jhanak to show the new saree she bought. Arshi stops him and argues. Appu and Anirudh try to stop Arshi. Anirudh says its her personal matter, she might have done shopping in Kashmir, right Jhanak. Shrishti says Bharat didn’t give much salary to Urvashi, Jhanak can’t afford this, whose saree is this. Jhanak says its mine. Shubh asks how did you get this. Bipasha says you ran away from the mandap. Shrishti says fine, Tejas gave this saree, what’s this sindoor. Arshi asks Jhanak to answer them clearly. Jhanak says I got these things from my mum’s cupboard, its her memories so I got it. Anirudh says let it go, its her personal life. Arshi says it’s a serious matter, she is unmarried, she has suhaag saree and sindoor, can’t we ask her. Tanuja says yes, your heart melts soon, its not imp to show sympathy. Vinayak says yes, send Jhanak to our house. Shrishti asks Anirudh will you send her. He says no, I got her here, she is fine here, let her stay here. Arshi asks why are you taking her side, are you her guardian or friend, my mom is her Maasi. He says I took her responsibility, I have to fulfill it. Dada asks why so much drama after a saree, what’s the problem.

Shrishti insults Urvashi. Jhanak shouts to stop her. She says you are so educated, you have seen the world, people know you and respect you, you have much experience but something is lacking, you still hate my mum, who has passed away, she was your sister, you say nonsense about her, I m all alone, I have no one, instead of giving me love, you just insult and scold me, why, mum wasn’t responsible for whatever happened, I m not responsible too, but I have no proof of truth and lies, you tell me, should I hear all this, will a daughter like to hear this about her mum, you had insulted Urvashi before also, you have a problem that I have come here, I didn’t come here by my wish, I m brought here, but no one cares, its just my mistake, I will leave from here. Anirudh worries.

Dadi says don’t say this. Jhanak says sorry, but I m a human, I also feel bad, I didn’t start this. She cries. Shrishti says look you… Anirudh says she is right, sorry aunty, you can’t talk like that, its wrong, why should Jhanak take responsibility of Urvashi’s past, you have no proof about her past, maybe her father doesn’t want his name to come out, so he is hiding himself. Arshi asks do you have any proof or info.

Anirudh recalls Urvashi’s words. He says no, everything is possible. Shrishti says its our family matter, I don’t want to tell it here. He says you are saying it, your words are hurtful, you are angry on Urvashi, but you should consider Jhanak as your daughter like Arshi. Shrishti asks Arshi to see what’s happening. Arshi asks what’s wrong with you. Anirudh says I feel bad, she is getting insulted because of the elders’ clash. Shrishti says I just want to know what this sindoor and saree is doing with her. Bipasha says she is stubborn, she is here because of Anirudh. Lal says police can come here any day. Jhanak says yes, you are thinking right, someone gave this saree to me, and even this sindoor, not everything has an answer, everything can’t be told to people, its my decision to keep this matter to me, you can tell your decision, I will accept it and leave. Arshi says no, we want to know who gave you this saree and sindoor. He says we shouldn’t force her. Arshi asks why is she refusing, it means something is wrong, I doubt her. He asks what. Arshi says yes, she has run away from her marriage, Tejas didn’t give this, then who gave this to her, she has an affair with someone, who is he. Anirudh says its too much now, we don’t need to know this. Shrishti asks why not. He says its wrong, we can’t force someone in front of everyone, would you like it if such questions were asked to you. Shrishti asks Jhanak to say something. Vinayak says no, Jhanak you don’t need to answer. Arshi says its needed, it’s a simple thing, who gave this to her. Jhanak says I don’t have an answer for this, you all decide, I will stay here or not. Shrishti says you don’t want to tell us. Arshi asks did your marriage already happen with someone. Jhanak sees Anirudh.

Jhanak comes to Anirudh and argues with him. She says this saree and sindoor don’t matter to me. Shrishti says Rahul is Jhanak’s BF, she has taken an advantage of your innocence. Anirudh is shocked.

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