Jhanak 23rd December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 23rd December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 23rd December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh meeting Arshi. She says this is happening because of you, everyone has a problem with it, you don’t know Jhanak. He says I know, Shrishti told me about Rahul and her, I don’t know the truth, we are one and we can’t keep fighting, I will fall lonely if you don’t understand me. She says you are getting serious about her, it’s a cheat if mom is saying right, you are fighting the family for her. He says family did wrong, I did the right thing. She says Jhanak had cheated, her mom also cheated. He says I m not interested to know anything, I got her home to help, she will go one day, we should think about us, its our life, our future. She nods. He says I love you. She says I love you too. They hug. She says mom thinks Jhanak should stay here, she is our relative. He says I agree, I will talk to her. She thanks and hugs him. He thinks why did Jhanak hide about her affair, if she loves Rahul, then why did she marry me, how did Rahul agree. He sits thinking. He thinks are they using me and planning something big, she cheated me. Everyone talks about the party. Bipasha says its Arshi’s birthday. Lal asks the girls to study. Anirudh comes home. He says I went to Arshi’s house to talk to her, I need to talk to you all and plan something. He collides with Jhanak. He recalls Jhanak and Rahul. He scolds her.

She is shocked. Everyone looks on surprised. She says sorry. He says you got habitual to lie, I didn’t get you here to boss around. She says I got soup for them. Bipasha taunts her. Anirudh says I will clear one thing, you aren’t a part of this family, stop interfering, maintain a distance, focus on your work, we will call you if we need help, did you get it, Arshi’s birthday is on 25th, you are shifting to Shrishti’s house on 26th, I made a mistake to get you here, you should stay with your relatives, this is better for us, I feel like a fool now, keep your bags ready.

Jhanak says I want to go back home. He says I know why you want to go there, I m sure you won’t go there, tell me your real plan. She asks what are you saying. Bipasha says you will go to your Maasi’s house, you decide what to do, we don’t care, Anirudh got you here, you are his responsibility, you will go. Tanuja comes and asks what’s happening. Lal complains about Jhanak. Jhanak says I got the soup because I was asked to make it. She defends. Tanuja asks her to stay in limits. Anirudh stops her. He says Jhanak is going to Arshi’s house, then our responsibility will end. Jhanak argues.


She says I don’t want you to fall into any trouble. Tanuja says great, do your work well. Anirudh goes. He thinks I might have told a lot, but she lied to me, I have risked a lot to help me, she cheated me, why did she come when she wanted to go. Shrishti says I knew Jhanak, she was doing a drama to come here, she is eyeing Anirudh now, she knows he is innocent. Arshi asks what are you saying. Shrishti says I m saying the truth, don’t trust Jhanak, she is very clever, stay alert. Arshi says I trust Anirudh. Shrishti says I also trust him, but try to understand, Jhanak is there, she can do anything. Arshi asks what do you mean, she will influence Anirudh. Shrishti says she did this before also, he risked his life and got her here. Arshi says you think she will snatch my Anirudh. Shrishti explains her.

She says I know how to get Jhanak on line. Anirudh comes to dine. Lal asks did you have food in Sasural. Anirudh says I spent time in convincing Arshi. He sees Jhanak. Tanuja calls the Servant Shyam. She asks Shyam to serve the food to Anirudh. Anirudh says you will serve the food. Shyam says okay, Jhanak asked me to take rest. Jhanak goes. Anirudh calls her out and asks did you have food. Tanuja asks why do you care. Jhanak cries and recalls Urvashi’s words.

She says you didn’t think of me before taking that step, I had many dreams, you didn’t give me a last chance, you didn’t trust me. She writes a letter to Urvashi. She writes, I don’t want to stay here and go back, I may die if I go back, I accept whatever happens. Anirudh is restless.

Vandu says Kunal didn’t return home. She falls down. She recalls Vaibhav and Mrunal’s taunts.

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