Jhanak 25th December 2023 Written Update

Jhanak 25th December 2023 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 25th December 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jhanak asking Appu to have food. They go. Jhanak does the birthday arrangements. Appu comes and says its good decorations. Her parents worry and wish the best for her. Appu says the party didn’t start, I will party with them. She talks to Dadi and Dada. She asks why doesn’t such party happen in my birthday. Dadi says it will happen, your husband will throw such a party when you get married. Appu gets happy and asks Jhanak to hear what Dadi is saying. Tanuja says Appu won’t get quiet. Shubh asks Appu to go.

Chotan says let her stay, Arshi will come now. Jhanak gets emotional and hugs Appu. Appu dances with her. Jhanak recalls Urvashi. Appu and Arshi are on the way. Arshi says you are unpredictable. He says I know, I wanted to meet you, what’s your program tomorrow. He gets a call from unknown number. She says students, guests are coming, there will be much crowd, its good, there are no surprises. He smiles and thinks of her birthday surprise. He gets a call again. She asks who is calling you. He says don’t know, its unknown number, leave it.

He gets her home. She gets surprised seeing the birthday decorations. Everyone hugs Arshi and wishes her. Arshi thanks them. She says you have decorated the house beautifully. Tanuja says its Anirudh’s planning. Arshi says thanks. Lal says come for cake cutting. Appu asks Jhanak to come. Tanuja says its your first birthday with us. Anirudh says 5 mins left for 12. Lal asks him to keep the phone on silent. Anirudh says I will just come. He goes and answers the call. Rahul says hi, its me, Rahul, Jhanak’s friend. Anirudh asks what happened. Rahul says I had to talk to Jhanak, she had gone with you, she is your wife, I was trying to call her, please make me talk to her once, its her birthday today. Anirudh asks what. Rahul says yes, we all friends used to go to her house at 12, she isn’t here. Anirudh asks how did you send her with me when she is your GF. Rahul says she is just my friend, you are mistaken, people here talk a lot, she call Urvashi the worst, few people stand by her, they know how her family ill treated her, Shrishti wasn’t close to Urvashi’s dance talent, she was jealous of Urvashi and Jhanak, she ruined their dreams, forget it, its her birthday today, she would be missing Urvashi, please make me talk to her. Anirudh sees Jhanak and Arshi. Rahul says just 5 mins.

Anirudh asks Jhanak to talk on call. Arshi sees them. Tanuja asks him to come. Appu asks Jhanak to come. Anirudh says give me one min, I will come. Arshi says its okay, he might have imp work. Jhanak asks who would call me at this time. Anirudh says you ask yourself. She takes his phone.

Rahul wishes her happy birthday. Jhanak cries and says Rahul… Lal says just one min left, Anirudh, come. Anirudh goes. Rahul asks how are you. Jhanak says I m fine, how are you. He says I m underground, Tejas’ anger didn’t calm down, he is madly finding you. Anirudh says Jhanak’s friend called from Kashmir, maybe he is her BF. Tanuja asks was that guy Rahul, Shrishti told me about him. Rahul says be careful, I was trying to call you, then I called Anirudh. Jhanak says I lost my friend, don’t call on that number again. Rahul asks is everything fine, what was Anirudh saying about our affair. He thinks I love Jhanak, but its one-sided. Jhanak says don’t pay attention to his words. Shubh says this girl will create troubles for you. Anirudh says she will leave. Rahul asks are you coming to give exams. Jhanak says I m giving my life’s biggest exam. He says I m sure you will pass, I miss you, Jhanak.

Everyone sings the birthday song for Arshi. Arshi cuts the cake and feeds to everyone. Anirudh thinks why doesn’t Jhanak say if she loves Rahul. Arshi says photos. Anirudh says oh yes. She says your attention is on others. They take pics. Anirudh thinks what are they talking for long. He turns to see Jhanak. He goes to Jhanak. Jhanak says Anirudh takes much care of me, he is nice, everyone else is nice. Anirudh hears this and stops. Rahul says you have gone there as a wife. She says it’s a long story, I will tell you when we meet, its your final exams, you study well. Rahul says Urvashi is with you, she is watching you. Jhanak says you take care, I will talk to you later. Rahul asks are you fine there, tell me. Jhanak says I m fine, very happy. Anirudh thinks Arshi and Jhanak’s birthday is together, Arshi got everything and Jhanak got nothing. Jhanak ends the call and turns. She sees Anirudh and says sorry. She gives his phone. He says happy birthday Jhanak. She smiles.

Jhanak sees some flowers and cake. She says who kept this here. She gives the flowers to Arshi. Shrishti and Tanuja scold her. Jhanak says Anirudh can answer this. Anirudh says I gave this to you.

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