Jhanak 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 2nd April 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 2nd April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jhanak and Anirudh arguing. He says one day you will understand, I had a big reason. She asks him to go, if anyone sees then then will question. He says they are fixing your marriage, tell them I told you, I will tell them I did what I find right, I m fed up answering everyone, all the best, I hope the guy likes you. She cries and says I also want my marriage to happen soon and I go away soon. He says I will celebrate a lot, your mum would be happy seeing you in bridal dress. He cries and goes. Appu plays with a doll. Anjana comes. Appu says I saw Jhanak sleeping, she looked like a fairy. Anjana asks her to have medicines. Appu says no, I don’t want. Shubh comes and scolds Appu. He says Shrishti is getting Jhanak’s would be groom, Appu shouldn’t come, else I will not leave her. Appu says but Jhanak got married to Anirudh. He holds her hand in anger and scolds her. He leaves. Appu says its hurting me, I have seen the marriage. Anjana says promise me, you won’t tell this to anyone. Appu promises. They hug and cry. Guard stops Choton and says you can’t come, salesman aren’t allowed here. Choton thinks what to do, I will get some money if I get this order. He requests the guard. Guard says fine, go to Ramlal Kaka, he is hot tempered, see if you can convince him. Choton thinks to make such a story that Ramlal cries.

Bipasha asks who gave you this saree. Jhanak says maybe you gave it. Bipasha says no, I didn’t buy it for you. Rumi says Anirudh might have got it. The saree discussion goes on. Jhanak says Sir ji gave me this saree, he gets me anything I need, I thought you know this, you all didn’t give me anything till now. Bipasha says you are greedy. Jhanak asks what did you say, I didn’t ask you anything, greedy people want more, they don’t get happy, I never asked you for anything. Choton comes to Ramlal. Ramlal asks do you have appointment. Choton says yes, 10.30am. Ramlal says you are late, madam won’t meet you. Choton makes a sad face and cooks some story. A lady comes and looks on. Ramlal says I can’t promise, but I will try. Jhanak says I did shopping to keep the family respect, I work here as a maid, I didn’t ask for any money, you kept me here forcibly as a maid, you never gave me any money, you can’t call me greedy. Bipasha and Jhanak argue. Jhanak goes. Shrishti praises the man. Shubh asks what business do you do. The man says dry fruits and carpets business. Shrishti says they are our far relatives, Mama, Mami and Bhaiya don’t have anything except me. The man says I m Avinash. Shrishti says its good to have relatives at such moments. Appu comes and says Jhanak’s husband is so old. Everyone worries. Anirudh is at office. He thinks I should go home, Jhanak’s life will be ruined, I will check cctv in a few days, I want to know what happened that day. The man asks about the presentation. Anirudh says I have some family emergency, I have to go, sorry, I will cancel the meeting. He asks the men to carry on, he will discuss the points tomorrow. He leaves. Anjana asks Appu to stay quiet. Shubh says she always comes to spoil things. Shrishti says you should have kept her out of the house, Avinash Bhaiya is good hearted, he has agreed to marry Jhanak. She says sorry Bhaiya, this girl is …. He says its okay. The lady asks where is Jhanak. Bipasha says she has come. They see Jhanak.

Anirudh says I forgot my file and came to take it. Avinash says I m ready to marry in 3-4 days. Anirudh asks Jhanak what’s wrong, people do a lot of things for love. She says I m doing this for love.

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