Jhanak 31st March 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 31st March 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 31st March 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shubh and Bablu taking to the doctor. Doctor asks Bablu to come and sign the papers. Shubh asks Bablu do you have money, why are you going to sign. Bablu says if not me then Anirudh will sign, Shrishti will take the responsibility, she is her aunt, I have promised Anirudh that Jhanak’s treatment will happen well, okay. Anirudh comes with everyone. Shubh asks what’s wrong, what are you wearing, this flower. Anirudh goes. Choton also goes after him. Shubh says Ani has gone to that girl. Doctor stops Anirudh. Anirudh says I have to touch this flower to Jhanak’s forehead, pandit ji told me. Choton says let him try please. Shubh says tell me, what happened there. Tanuja says Anirudh has made Shivling with his hands, so that he can pray for Jhanak. He asks what. Shrishti says he did this because the temple was closed.

Choton says he made shivling and did puja for Jhanak, please let him go. Doctor says you can’t stay inside for long time, just go and come soon. Shubh says its tough for Jhanak to get fine, doctor said ventilator is the last option if she doesn’t get conscious in half an hour. Anirudh goes to Jhanak. Sapno ka jahan….plays…

He cries and touches the flower to her forehead. Anirudh keeps the flower aside. Doctor asks him to go out. Nurse says patient moved her hand. Anirudh and Choton look at her. Doctor says this flower and puja are just an illusion, we are trying our best. Nurse says pulse rate also increased, check. Doctor checks. Anirudh holds Jhanak and says I m here, you have to live, you can’t leave me and go, you have to do a lot, you have to live, please wake up once. Doctor says it’s a miracle, she is responding, stay outside, we have to keep her calm. Choton says please save her. He asks Anirudh to come. They go out. Jhanak wakes up. Nurse says she is opening her eyes. Doctor says yes, it’s a miracle.

Tanuja asks Shrishti and Arshi to have tea or coffee. They see Jhanak at the door. Anjana asks Jhanak are you fine. Shrishti starts scolding Jhanak. Jhanak says I was forced to drink. Arshi asks who forced you, tell me. Bipasha says I just asked you to try, you couldn’t handle, why did you drink all day. Jhanak says but you have… Anirudh says you shouldn’t talk, you need rest, you are ill. Choton says there won’t be any solution if we discuss this. Tanuja says this happened before also. Jhanak says I knew you will do this, did anyone force you to have thandai. Appu comes and says Jhanak has come. Anjana says she needs rest. Tanuja says yes, you will do the work of her share. Anjana says I do work of many people’s share here. They argue.

Appu asks Anjana to give milk to Jhanak. She taunts Appu on her dad’s earnings. Choton says we know Shubh runs the family, so none of us drink milk, Jhanak is ill, so Appu told that, I will pay for Jhanak’s food. Anirudh signs him. Shrishti says I got your marriage responsibility, I have found a groom for you, he will come tomorrow to meet you. Jhanak says I want to go from this house and settle down. Shrishti says good, don’t turn away from your words. Jhanak says I will marry the one you say. Appu says I will miss you. Jhanak says I will call you to my home, I will miss you a lot. They hug.

Anjana says call them later, she isn’t fine yet. Tanuja says we shouldn’t get late, else we will miss a nice guy. Shrishti says yes, he is ready for marriage. Anirudh says this isn’t right. Arshi asks what do you mean. Tanuja says you don’t get involved in this, everything is decided. Anirudh says that guy and Jhanak should like each other. Arshi asks what do you want. Jhanak says I don’t have any problem, you took care of me, but it doesn’t mean you have a right to decide, Shrishti is my Maasi, she will wish good for me, I m ready to marry, I have no choice. Shrishti says don’t tell him that Anirudh faked the marriage with you to save your life. Jhanak asks why would I say that. Choton asks what does the guy do. Shrishti says he isn’t like you. He says I know, why would you do that. She asks will I explain you now. Anirudh says he has asked a simple thing. She says he has business, I don’t know details, Jhanak is lucky. Arshi says you will get married first and then my marriage will happen. Jhanak says its your decision. Bipasha says Ani and Arshi’s marriage will happen after you get married, you came in between. Anjana says Jhanak, I want you to stay happy, think well, talk to him and decide. Tanuja asks what are you saying, Shrishti has found a nice guy for him. Shrishti says I will find anyone who earns more than your husband. Anjana says a person’s success isn’t known by his earnings. Anirudh gets angry and argues with Shrishti.

Jhanak comes downstairs and sees the man. Shrishti says marriage can happen in one week. Anirudh comes. Arshi says its good news, they have liked each other. Anirudh says good, marriage will happen from here.

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