Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh lying to the entire family. Arshi asks shall I request your boss. He says yes, just try, we have invited everyone. She thinks is he lying, I have to call his boss and clear everything. Jhanak sees her town. She smiles. She thinks I m going home after many days, my mum’s presence is there, neighbors are also there, I will never think of Kolkata city. She thinks of Anirudh and cries. She thinks police will save me from Tejas. Anirudh says I just have one option, I will leave the job. Shubh says its good job, try to convince your boss. Arshi says I can try to talk to him. Anirudh acts and says I will leave the job, this is not done. Jhanak says this turn is wrong, my village is that way. The man says don’t shout, we aren’t going to your village, there is risk. She asks where are you taking me. He says safe house. She says but its not on this route. He asks her not to worry. She says no, drop me home, my neighbors will take care of me. He asks her to not worry, she is safe.

She says I never came to this area. He says it’s the safest area, no one will trouble you. She asks is it someone’s house. He says yes, you will go and find out yourself. Inspector says Jhanak got kidnapped, we will go to Tejas’ house and meet him. Jhanak comes inside the house and asks where is everyone. Tejas comes and greets her. She gets shocked. He smiles and says welcome to Kashmir. Anirudh says don’t be sad, we will decide it together. Shubh asks him to relax. He asks Arshi to say. Arshi says what can I do, I m thinking, what will I tell mom. Anirudh says she will misunderstand me again, I don’t want any problem between us, I will resign today. Tanuja asks will you get other job, what will Shrishti tell the society that you are jobless, we will tell them that we cancelled the rasam. Arshi says I will talk to Sandeep, its fine if he agrees else it will be another sacrifice for this relation, maybe this is my fate. Jhanak says you…. no, I won’t stay here, I m forced to come here, why, it means you all cheated me.

He sends his staff outside. He says I can do anything with you, I will leave you today itself, I m tired of running after you, who will marry you, you were with Anirudh till now, he will marry Arshi. Jhanak asks him to let her go. He says go, who is stopping you. Tejas and Jhanak argue. He says you won’t get any love, what will you get from Anirudh, will you become his second woman, like your mum… She scolds him. He says Anirudh knows you are missing, he might come here, I have a man there, he will shoot Anirudh right away and kill him. She is shocked. Police looks for Jhanak. Inspector speaks to his senior about Tejas’ involvement in Jhanak’s kidnapping. He says we want to go to his home once. The senior says he won’t keep that girl home. Jhanak says no, kill me, don’t kill him. Tejas says no, I love you and want to marry you, just say yes, I will declare to the world and marry you. She refuses. He says its your life, your decision. She says I will not marry you. He asks her to think. He says I will hurt Arshi, Shrishti and Anirudh, I won’t do anything to you, announce it to the press and marry me tomorrow, I will leave Anirudh.

She cries and says don’t do anything to him. He says I don’t have much time. She begs him. She refuses to marry. He counts to 10 and says time is up, I told you, you can leave, the door is open, you can go anywhere you want, I will never follow you from now, will you have anything, you have come from far, why are you worried, nothing will happen to you. She says I want to go home. He says sure, my men will drop you. She says but you won’t do anything to Anirudh. He says you may go, its between Anirudh and me now. She says no, don’t do anything to him. He calls someone and asks him to shoot Anirudh and kill him. Jhanak worries.

He says you may go now, no one will believe you if you say everything, no one has the courage to save Anirudh, I have much work, go. Jhanak says I will do whatever you say, just leave Anirudh.

Tejas talks to the media. He says my would be wife is here. He gets Jhanak there. Jhanak greets to the media and says I m going to marry Tejas tomorrow. Anirudh gets this news and is shocked.

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