Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh encouraging Jhanak to speak up against Tejas. Jhanak recalls Tejas’ threat and asks Anirudh to leave. Tejas asks him to get lost. Anirudh cries and says I will go, I want my answer first, Jhanak, I m asking again, are you marrying by your wish, yes or no. Tejas asks her to say, why is she silent. He threatens Anirudh and points gun at him. Jhanak gets shocked. She stops Tejas. Tejas says if you love him, then ask him to leave. Anirudh says I won’t go, Jhanak, please tell the truth. Jhanak thinks I can’t lie to Anirudh, I will say the truth. Anirudh says I m folding my hands, please say the truth, my hopes and faith on people depend on your truth, this truth can save my life or send darkness in my life, say the truth, are you marrying by your wish, yes or no. She says no, I mean I m forced to marry. Anirudh asks the police to record her statement. SP asks Jhanak what’s the matter. Tejas asks pandit to chant the mantras. He holds Jhanak’s hand. Anirudh comes in between and gets Jhanak away. Anirudh says she doesn’t want to marry you, you were forcing her. He threatens the police to take the matter to higher authorities. SP asks Jhanak to give her statement, and just say the truth. Jhanak nods. Tejas catches her and points the gun at her. The goons catch Anirudh. Police looks on. Anirudh asks SP what’s happening here. Tejas asks SP who is this man, did he do any magic on you all.

Jhanak says Tejas is misbehaving with me in front of the police, you aren’t doing anything, Anirudh is innocent. Tejas says don’t say a word. SP says media is here, don’t stop this girl, it will be a problem, she has told the truth. Tejas says don’t dare to say a word now. He asks his men to stop the media from going out. SP says Jhanak, you tell the truth without getting scared, we will record this statement. Tejas says you won’t take her statement today, it won’t matter. Anirudh says Tejas would have threatened her. SP asks Inspector Ghosh to record the statement. Jhanak says I was forced to say that in the press meet, I had a reason, Tejas has sent fake police and got me kidnapped. She tells them everything. She says if I refused then he would have killed Anirudh, how can I let this happen, Anirudh has always supported me and the truth, I m alive because of him, how would I let him die. Tejas says she is lying. She asks why did you get me kidnapped. Bharat says you are lying, you called Tejas and asked him to marry you. Anirudh asks why would she like to marry a goon.

She says I don’t want to see Tejas’ face, I can’t marry him, its like dealing with death, I wanted to keep Anirudh alive, so I agreed to him. Arshi, Shrishti and Vinayak discuss about Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage. He says you wanted her to get married. They ask him to be happy with the news. SP says Jhanak isn’t ready to marry you, you can’t marry her. Tejas says Anirudh has always created a hurdle in my marriage, you are talking about law. Ghosh says law is equal for everyone, you have done a crime to force a girl for marriage, its wrong. Anirudh says Jhanak, you will give your exams. He asks SP to give police protection to her. Tejas argues with Ghosh.

Ghosh says SP sir will support us. Tejas asks SP to do something, his junior officer is saying big things. SP says we will talk in private. Ghosh says no, we don’t need to talk now, Jhanak won’t change her statement now, Anirudh has supported her, we have to send Jhanak to shelter home or give her protection, she can give her exams and then decide to go anywhere else. Shrishti says we will send Arshi’s wedding invite to Tejas. Vinayak says Tejas is rich and he will get power in a few days. Shrishti says yes, I want good terms with him. Ghosh argues in defense of Anirudh and Jhanak. Anirudh says I will make the news go viral and Tejas will get defamed, I m not scared of you, Tejas, else I would have not come here to save Jhanak, keep your attitude to yourself. Ghosh says we are taking Jhanak with us. SP asks Tejas to end this matter, else he will lose in the elections. Anirudh asks Jhanak to come. Tejas looks on. Anirudh holds her hand. She cries and looks at him with admiration. She says you have saved me. Bharat records them. Jhanak says you have saved me once again. Anirudh says even if this world was ruined, you would have not married this man, I know you well. She nods. Anirudh takes her.

Bharat calls Shrishti. He says come to Srinagar tomorrow morning, get Arshi along. Shrishti asks what happened, is Maa fine. He says family is fine, just do what I say, just come here. Arshi asks what happened. Shrishti says Bharat is calling us to Srinagar. Arshi asks did the marriage happen or not, ask him. Shrishti says fine, we will come, did the marriage happen. He says no, marriage got cancelled, Anirudh got it cancelled. Shrishti is shocked.

He says Anirudh is here in Srinagar, he broke Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage. She asks what…. Are you joking… She says Arshi, Anirudh is in Srinagar. Arshi is also shocked. Shrishti says he cancelled the Ashirwad rasam and went there to cancel Jhanak’s wedding. Arshi cries.

Anirudh asks why did you take a big risk. Shrishti says I won’t let you lose, Bharat wants to get Anirudh and Jhanak married in the same temple. Jhanak says you should leave from here, Tejas might hire someone to harm you. He refuses to leave.

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