Jhanak 8th February 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 8th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 8th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the man asking everyone to board the bus. Tejas says my wife didn’t come from washroom, I will go and see. The man says you can’t go there. He asks Mausi to go and check a girl named Jhanak. Jhanak prays for Anirudh. Shubh and everyone are on the way. They worry for Anirudh. Mausi asks is anyone of you Jhanak. Doctor says Anirudh has serious injury, his back bone is damaged, this surgery isn’t easy, you have to sign the consent form. Chotan says his parents are on the way, can we wait, can I meet him. Doctor says you call the family, you can’t meet the patient. Mausi says Jhanak isn’t there. Tejas shouts Jhanak. He asks people if they have seen Jhanak. He takes his bags from the bus and says my wife has gone missing. Jhanak gets down at the bus stop. Tejas stops a car and asks for help. He says its an emergency, my wife got missing. He gets angry. He thinks I will drag Jhanak to Srinagar. Jhanak boards a bus. Tejas follows the bus. He stops the bus. Jhanak gets shocked seeing him. Everyone comes to the hospital. Chotan says Anirudh met with a terrible accident. Arshi asks how. He says I don’t know, police informed me, Anirudh is unconscious, police will come back to take his statement. Bipasha and Lal ask him how did this happen. Chotan says I don’t know, his surgery is going on. Tejas says my wife has run away, I want to take her along. He shows Jhanak to the people.

He says let me take her. Jhanak says he is lying, he means nobody to me. He says she is lying, you can see our wedding pics. He shows his wedding pics. He says she left me and ran to Kolkata with her lover, she doesn’t care for me, does this suit a married girl. The people say we don’t want to get into this matter. Jhanak says I don’t want to go with him, trust me, I m not doing anything wrong. A man calls the police.

Tejas says she is saying half story, if I tell the complete story, you will be shocked but I don’t have time, I m ready to accept her. Jhanak says it’s a lie, he isn’t my husband, I m not there in those pics. Tejas says don’t test my patience. Jhanak says I was going alone, you wanted to kidnap me. The police comes there. She says now police will help me.

Chotan says accident happened in Kusumpur, I don’t know anything, Anirudh had sent me to the railway station. Lal says he can die because of Jhanak, did you find her. Chotan says no. Shubh scolds him.

Shrishti also scolds Chotan. She says you have supported Anirudh’s madness. Chotan says I love Anirudh, he is my nephew, I can’t ruin his life. Lal says you are doing it, you are supporting him when he is doing wrong. Chotan argues. The lady tells the police about Jhanak and Tejas’ matter. Inspector asks Tejas who is your wife. Jhanak says Tejas is a big criminal, ask him, does he have a proof that I m his wife. Tejas warns him. She says I m not scared, I will not go with you. She shows her ticket. She says ask him where is his ticket, he got into the bus and tried to take me with him, he is dangerous, help me. Inspector says you are married, right. She says yes, but he isn’t my husband. Tejas says she ran with her lover on our wedding night, what’s wrong if I want to take her along. Jhanak says our marriage didn’t happen. Inspector asks why did you wear mangalsutra and sindoor. Tejas asks Jhanak to answer. She says I got married to someone else. Inspector asks who is your husband, what’s his name, tell us, you have to come with us to the police station. He asks Tejas for proof that Jhanak is his wife. Jhanak says Tejas wanted to marry me, I didn’t marry her, he is a criminal, ask Kashmir police, they will give you his info, he has come here to take revenge, I used to stay here in someone’s house, I m going home now. Tejas asks her husband’s name.

Doctor says Anirudh’s life is in danger, we have to do a complicated surgery. Jhanak comes to the hospital. Everyone sees her. Arshi says Anirudh is in this state because of you. She slaps Jhanak.

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