Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anirudh seeing Jhanak sleeping. He thinks I never saw such an innocent face, I feel I can spend my life looking at you, she is so pure, I didn’t see anyone like her till now. He turns away and thinks is it right to think so, Jhanak and Rahul love each other, I will take them to Kolkata, I want a good life for her. He wakes her up. She gets scared. He says its me, you have high fever, be careful. She says you… He says I didn’t mean to wake you up like this, take rest. She says I m feeling cold, you didn’t take rest, have some food and sleep. He says okay, but I have some work. She asks what work. He says I got food for you, I got khichdi because you have fever. She says I don’t want to eat anything. He says you have to take medicines also, how can I eat if you don’t eat. She thinks this peace and joy are for sometime, whoever gets a life partner like you will be lucky, Arshi is very lucky.

Shubh says I can’t believe it, I m ashamed, sorry Shrishti. She asks how did you raise your son, his marriage is fixed with Arshi, even then he cheated us and went to Kashmir to stop Jhanak’s wedding, he lied to us, you want Arshi to marry him. Arshi asks what about the time I invested in this relation. Tanuja says I have no words to say. Shubh asks Arshi not to lose to Jhanak. Arshi says Anirudh is supporting a maid, you are comparing me with that maid. Shrishti says calm down, we will go if you don’t want to marry, else you won’t lose to Jhanak, we have booked the tickets, we will go to Srinagar and talk to Anirudh, you should come along. Bipasha says yes, we should ask him, why did he lie to us. Lal says Jhanak agreed to marry Tejas. Shrishti says yes, she would have married him if Anirudh didn’t intervene. Anirudh scolds Jhanak when she talks of dying. She asks why. He asks her not to say that. He cares for her.

Shubh says we will do as you say, once marriage happens, things will get fine. Arshi says I will not tolerate this. Bipasha says don’t spare Jhanak. Arshi and Shrishti argue with the family. Shrishti says its no use to argue here, we should talk to Anirudh. Anirudh feeds the medicines to Jhanak.

He asks her not to worry, he will always take care of her. Shrishti says we will get Arshi and Anirudh married in the temple, and then do the functions here, its imp that their marriage happens. Shubh says I have no problem. Tanuja says I want this marriage to happen soon. Lal says we should leave. Bipasha says we have less time. Choton hears them. Shubh says just tell them that we are going to get Anirudh and Arshi married. Shrishti asks them to book the tickets. Shubh says of course, I will ask my secretary to book the tickets. He asks Lal and Bipasha to come along. Lal says we won’t tell anyone. Shrishti says we have bought Arshi’s bridal dress, you can buy Anirudh’s sherwani for the marriage. Tanuja agrees. Shrishti asks why did Anirudh break Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage, this has happened twice, Tejas has much respect in that city, Anirudh didn’t think about us, Tejas is going to become a minister, my Maayka is there, what will Tejas do with them, Anirudh didn’t think of anything, your son has done this drama. Anirudh asks Jhanak to take rest.

She says you are so worried for me. He says I have done this for myself, not you. She says I don’t understand you sometimes. He says no need to understand. She misses Urvashi. He caresses her and puts her to sleep.

Arshi says we shall go now, our tickets are booked. Shrishti says if Anirudh refuses to marry this time, then Arshi will break the relation. Shubh says he won’t refuse. Tanuja says it’s a brilliant idea to keep their marriage at the same temple. Bipasha says Arshi will have all the right to keep Jhanak away. Shubh says I promise Arshi, if Anirudh creates any hurdle this time, then I will end all my ties with him, take care. Arshi nods. Shrishti and Arshi leave. Choton calls Anirudh. He says I have to tell you something imp, everyone knows where you are, the situation isn’t fine here. Anirudh asks what happened, I can’t leave Jhanak alone, Shrishti knew about Jhanak’s marriage, she has planned this with Tejas. Choton says calm down, you are in a big danger, is everything fine there. Anirudh says yes, it was tough to save Jhanak. Choton says no one is telling me anything clearly. Anirudh says I will tell you everything later, Tejas threatened Jhanak about my life and convinced her to marry, when I came in front of her, she got courage and told the truth, we are at a hotel, police is giving is protection. Choton says I can’t talk much, anyone can come, listen to me, Arshi, Shrishti and family members are coming there. Anirudh says let them come, I will manage everything, its not a secret now, I have to do a big work tomorrow. Choton asks what. Anirudh says I can’t tell now. Choton says I will come there if needed, I promised Jhanak, I will support you. Anirudh says Rahul loves Jhanak a lot. Choton asks does she love him too. Anirudh says maybe. Choton thinks you love Jhanak, I understand this well, even she loves you a lot, you aren’t able to understand her love.

He asks did she say yes. Anirudh says she doesn’t know it, it’s a surprise for her, I want to get them to Kolkata, they will stay in peace there. Choton asks and what will you do? Anirudh asks what do you mean. Choton says your wedding date is close. Anirudh says I will marry Arshi, I can’t leave her. Choton asks why are you saying that. Anirudh says I mean my marriage is fixed. Choton says Arshi and you love each other, your marriage is fixed, if you have an option, then will you leave her. Anirudh says I don’t know, I will talk to you later. Choton says keep me informed, everything will get fine. He ends the call.

Its morning, Anirudh meets Rahul at a café. Rahul asks is Jhanak fine, exams are also there, she can’t focus on exams, is she going to come for exams. Anirudh says you worry a lot for her. Rahul says she is my best friend, I m feeling helpless, Tejas is dangerous, he won’t spare me, you have helped Jhanak, I respect you, thanks for saving her. Anirudh asks why are you saying thanks, if you do anything for her, will I say thanks to you, I know her and wanted to help.

Rahul says I don’t want to hurt you. Anirudh says I want to talk something, I hope you give me a honest answer, do you love Jhanak, yes or no. Rahul asks why are you asking this, its not a crime to love someone. Anirudh says you should take her responsibility. Rahul says I have no money or status to take care of her, I can give my life for her. Anirudh says you don’t need to die, its pointless, you love Jhanak, you should be with her. Rahul says I love her, but it doesn’t mean she also loves me, she might reject my love, I never told her my feelings. Anirudh says she is your best friend, she might agree. Rahul says its different to love someone. Anirudh says I think she loves you. Rahul says she is so innocent, anyone would fall for her, she has unique qualities, fate didn’t support her. Anirudh says Jhanak is not well. Rahul asks what happened to her. Anirudh says she took the medicines. Rahul says you have done a lot for her, I couldn’t do anything. Anirudh asks can’t you marry her.

Arshi and family members confront Jhanak and Anirudh. Anirudh back answers Arshi. Tanuja says we want Arshi and your marriage to happen in the temple. Arshi invites Jhanak in the wedding. Jhanak says I will come.

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