Junooniyatt 25th May 2023 Written Update

Junooniyatt 25th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Junooniyatt 25th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ilahi asking where are we going. Jahaan says I have to show you something. She says I have to tell you about Jordan, he saved dad from an accident today, I can’t forget his favor, so I have forgiven him. Jahaan recalls Jordan’s words. Jordan hugs Mahi and shares his happiness. He says it was a different experience, I m so happy. She says I can go to any extent for your happiness and smile. Jahaan gets Ilahi somewhere and opens the blindfold. She asks why did we come here. He says we will enter our house, come, I want to become your life partner. Mahi says Ilahi will come close to you, you will win the competition trophy, this will happen when you listen to me. He says of course. Jahaan says I want to marry you, we will have our house after marriage. Ilahi says marriage… He says we will marry if we are in love. She says you are mad. He says I m mad in your love. He shouts to the neighbors and says I m totally mad in love. They hold hands and smile.

They enter the house. He says this will be our house, its small, but it will be ours. Biji and Ginni come to Jordan’s house and stare at the lavish house. Mahi thinks I m tolerating them only for Jordan’s sake. She asks them to sit.

Biji says we have done your work as you told us. She recalls Amar’s accident. Ginni says we got Jordan’s entry in our house, Amar respects him and Ilahi got grateful. Mahi says Ilahi won’t sing now. Jahaan shows the house to Ilahi. He shares his plan. They sing and dance. He says this will be our kitchen, I m a good cook, we will be busy in concerts, whoever comes home early will cook, else food delivery. She says I m going to the bedroom. Jahaan calls her romantic. They both have a cute argument. She makes him say sorry and apologize. He makes her wear his earring by putting it into a string. He asks her to always keep her mangalsutra. They romance. He holds her close to kiss. She runs upstairs. He asks her to keep the earring with her. He says I have no status to gift you anything. She says you have already given me your heart. He hugs her. She says you have chosen a house, how will you get the money. He says I trust God.

Biji says Ilahi is stubborn, she won’t leave singing. Mahi says she has to quit singing, she has to take my order if this house becomes her Sasural. Biji asks how. Mahi says I did this accident drama to make Ilahi marry Jordan. Jordan looks on and smiles. Biji and Ginni get glad. Mahi asks them to have some breakfast. Ginni says Ilahi is lucky, she will be the queen here. Biji asks how will you stop her from singing. Mahi says Ilahi and Jordan will sing and win the competition trophy, but then she will never sing in her life.

Precap: Jahan asks Illahi’s proposal to Illahi’s father. Biji asks Jahan to leave and says Illahi will stay alone all life but won’t marry you. Jahan says I won’t leave until Uncle ji tells his decision.

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