Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Virat drags Amruta out of the festival. She cries. Amruta thinks about her moments with Virat. Virat says I thought we’d be something good. I thought I could forget the past and trust a girl again. You broke my trust too. He asks people. Virat says money can buy anyone. Virat holds Amruta’s hand and takes her to the temple. He says you know the value of this weight. Women’s parents pray on this to find them a good groom. You want Virat right? Let me fulfill this dream of your parents. Amruta says what are you saying? he shoves her on the swing. He says this whole fake wedding was your plan right? She says to buy us time to find the culprit. To prove your innocence. It was my fault. I didn’t have to do all this for you. Virat asks why not? You didn’t get your money? you didn’t get as much as you wanted so you shoved my mom right? Amruta says no. Enough. You accused me many times for money and always proved me wrong. I proved myself every time. Virat says what hapepned today? Every proof is against you. There is a video against you. She says it’s all fake. I don’t care what people think. He says I care. I trusted you, I lied to my family because of you and you did this. You cheated me. You fooled me. you don’t care. She says I cared for you. I didn’t even tryst when people said your mom took my Jahan aunt’s house. I couldn’t even tell you about your mom’s truth. I was scared for you. Your pain hurts me. It affects me I couldn’t stop myself from feeling for you. I wouldn’t have been looking for proof to prove your innocence. I was just defamed. You were accused of harassing me. I was doing all this for you. I care about you. But you always accuse me. Based on these half-truths?

Virat says suddenly you don’t trust the world. You were using the same world to prove my mom wrong. Amruta says I thought they could tell the truth. Kavita says stop lying. This money bag was in your house. Nimrit says this was your lottery. A goon comes there. The same guy who took the pictures. Police bring him there. Amruta says tell me why you took our photos? Did Babita ask you? he says yes she asked. Everyone is shocked. Amruta says see. He says I will say what you say. You’re my boss. Amruta says what? He says you won’t pay me the money. Amruta says don’t lie. Viat says enough. He says to Amruta we have the culprit in front of us. He asks the inspector to arrest her. He says do you’ve any other proof left? Everything is against you. Did you want to marry me for money? You almost killed my mom. I was still not trusting her before seeing all this. She always got you right. She always said you’re a gold digger and cheat. You never thought about me? Stop doing this acting now. You wanted to move me away from my family by making them my enemy. I told you I love my mom more than anyone. You targeted my mom. When she found your truth you tried to kill her.

Amruta says why would I do that? this is all her plan. Virat says shut up. Amruta shouts you shut up. You can’t silence me. I didn’t do anything. Your mom did all this. Because she thought we were gonna get married. Which isn’t true. It’s over. He says it just started. Bhavani says leave her hand. Virat says you both are the same. Your mom is the real mastermind. Amruta is shocked. He says she is the most greedy woman. Amruta says shut up. Virat says can’t tolerate a word about your mom? It was all your mom adn your planning. You learned it all from her. That’s why she was the happiest. Why won’t she be? The daughter has a lost job and their husband left her. Amruta says shut up, What are you saying.

Episode ends

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