Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 7th June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 7th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 7th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bhavani says to give Amruta some time. Virat says in anger I’ve to do something. He looks outside at the terrace. e No one is there. Virat says I won’t let you go so easily. I will make you cry. He sees Amruta in Jahan’s apartment. She tries to clean the sunder and cries. Virat looks at her. He feels bad. Virat says she lied to me. She did so wrong why do I feel bad for her fake tears? Amruta says you ruiend everything. You burned everything. Our friendship, trust, everything. To punish me? For caring about you? For trusting you? This is what you did? You took everything away from me. It is hurting me so much. She cries. Amrtua says you think I risked your mom’s life so you want to ruin my life? I won’t let you do that. My life is a lot more precious than your fake accusations. I raised myself in this life with a lot of love. You used her as a pawn to force me to marry. You have to pay back for all that you have. This ring I will return with interest. I will never be part of this marriage. Virat looks at her and says I won’t let you get out of this marriage. Amruta says you broke my trust. It’s hurting me only in the end. I won’t let you do this. Amruta looks at him from the window and draws the curtains.

Scene 2
Abhiraj comes to Babita’s room. She says I can’t believe Virat did all this. He’s lost his mind. Abhiraj asks how can Virat do this. Kavita says I tried a lot but he didn’t listen. He took our phones as well. I thought he was just gonna send them to jail but he suddenly did this. babita says we have to do this drama for a few more days. Abhiraj says to Kavita we have to make her hate Virat. We have to take everything from Virat. Kavita says I have an idea.

Jahan and Bhavani come to Amruta. Jahan hugs her. She asks are you okay? Amruta says I am fine. Everything will be fine only. Jahan says we know you’re very strong. Go out in the fresh air, you’ll like it. Harsh is waiting for you too. Amruta goes out. Bhavani is worried for her. Jahan says Amrua is very brave. She will come out of this stronger. Dont worry.

Scene 3
Kavita says to Abhiraj I will give a statement against this wedding. I will put all the blame on Amruta and say she did this wedding with Virat forcefully. Aabhiraj says we shouldn’t get into all this. Kavita says how can we? Babita is so hurt. Amruta almost killed her. Virat is hearing all this. Kavita says we should help Virat punish her. Abhiraj says but Babita doesn’t want this. Kavita says Dildar feels bad for Amruta instead. Babita is angry. No one is Virat. So I will support Virat. Abhiraj says what will you do? It was a forced marriage. She’s not even living here. What marriage? Virat has everything. Abhiraj and Kavita smile.

At night, Amruta comes home. She sees everyone asleep. Virat comes there and says I will take her with me today at all costs. He sees Amruta sleeping. Virat picks up Amruta. He takes her out in the lobby. Virat takes Amruta to his house and locks her in the washroom. Amruta screams and says sir get me out. He says you locked me in the same bathroom and went to kill my mom. No one can hear you now and no one is gonna help you. Sleep in there now. I will destroy your life. Amruta says stop it. You can’t do this. He says good night. Amruta cries inside. Amruta says please open the door. She tries to break the door. Amruta says you will pay for this. He says you will. She says you think only you’re the most important person. He says yes I am. It’s all your fault. Stay there.

Scene 4
The next morning, Deepika says the news is everywhere. Kavita says stop it, Deepika. She says people are talking everywhere. How did everyone find out? Bebe says stop it. Deepika says the elevator isn’t working today. Bhavani says where is Amruta? They look around for her. Harsh comes to Virat’s house and says where is my sister? Babita says she’s not here. She left with you all tomorrow. Harsh says stop lying. Dildar asks Virat where is Amruta? Abhiraj says Virat what’s wrong with you? You locked Amruta in the washroom. she’s screaming and crying there. Harsh says I will kill you. Virat says she’s my wife, I can keep her wherever I want now. The lawyer comes there and says I have the court summon. You have to sign these papers. Virat says all waste. See my room there, my wife is right there. come with me. He comes to his room and sees a mangalsutra. He recalls that Dildar gave him the mangalsutra for Amruta. He said she’s a very nice girl. Amruta says to open the door. Virat opens the door. He says how can you do this to me? Virat makes Amruta wear the mangalsutra. Amruta is shocked. She says this. How can you do this? I know it doesn’t matter to you but it matters to me. I respect it. It’s a pure bond. You can’t make it forcefully. He says you can’t break it. I won’t let you do that.

Precap: Virat’s father calls his servant Raja. Babita asks him what is this. He says I’m fulfilling my son’s wishes, he shouts happily that he got married, when you son is giving your daughter in law some respect so being a parent it’s our duty to do all the rituals. Amruta does the grah pravesh and walks inside after pushing the kalsh from her foot. Babita gets angry after seeing her.

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