Kalash 6th March 2017 Written Update

Kalash 6th March 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Kalash 6th March 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Devika is missing Ravi. She says why all this happened. We lost monty. When I was talking to sakshi I didn’t know what to say to her. I can understand what she feels. I miss you so much Ravi. I can’t live without you and I feel that the most when you are not around. Th song judai plays in background. Ravi is upset in jail as well. They recall the moments they spent together.

Next morning, Mehra comes to home. Janki introduces him to Devika. Mehra says like I discussed I have started the proceedings. This case will be started in court by tomorrow. Hopefully judge will decide tomorrow. Devika says isn’t that too son. how will we arrange proofs. We can’t take risks. We have to get Ravi out of jail. Mehra says I have prepared everything don’t worry. Ravi will
be out. Devika says thank you. I want him out soon. Sakshi goes inside crying.
Devika comes to sakshi and says please don’t cry. I understand what you are feeling. We all think Ravi didn’t kill Monty. Do you think Ravi can do this? Sakshi says I am sorry. I have to go against you. Devika says what you mean? Sakshi says you know I loved Monty. Besides sisters I was someone’s wife too. Who knows the worth of that relation more than. I married Monty. I promised him I will always stand by him. I accepted him with all my heart. If you are fighting for Ravi then why shouldn’t I fight for my husband? I can’t forgive Ravi. Don’t expect that. devika says try to understand. I am not saving Ravi because he is my husband. But we all know he is innocent. He can never do this. Devika says Ravi can never do this. I know he is your wife but you can’t blame the wrong person. We will all get the right person behind bars who actually shot him. Ravi didn’t shoot. We all want justice for monty. We are a family. You know I will never support the wrong.

Scene 2
Shweta comes home. She says I was so happy. I am so sad to see all this. Manju says everything is over. We can’t change what happened. Gurwinder thinks ravi killed monty. Sakshi is really upset too and ravi is in jail. Shweta says I am sure ravi can never do this. I am on his side. Nivi says I am not surprised. I know you two only care about yourself. No one cares about gurwinder. Ravi will be punished for what he did. Manju says what are you saying. Nivi says what he did is a sin. I hope he gets death sentence. If he dies his marriage would end too and I am very happy. Manju says how can you think like that. You can never change. I will fight for my son.

The hearing is about to start. Devika says I am so scared. Janki says don’t worry. Ravi will be released. Shweta says he never harmed anyone. He will be released. Manju says I won’t let anything happen to him. Ravi comes here with police. He caresses DEvika’s face and says don’t worry. I am with you. Nothing would go wrong.
The hearing starts.
Lawyer says in front of witnesses Ravi killed his brother. Ravi’s lawyer says this is a lie. Monty died with a shot but no one saw ravi’s gun shooting. DEvika Ravi’s wife will come in the witness box. Devika says Ravi and Monty had a fight. Monty was really mad. Everyone saw that monty was accusing Ravi. Everyone knows that Monty had inferiority complex. He was jealous of ravi’s success. And it kept growing in him. He said everything that was in his heart.Monty started beating Ravi. In anger he was insulting Ravi. In fact I tried stopping Monty but he didn’t listen. everyone stopped him but he was out of his mind. Ravi shoved Monty and Monty shoved Ravi. Monty had a broken glass in his hand he was about to attack ravi. I thought he would attack ravi. Devika says I didn’t know what to do. There was a gun in my purse. It was for safety. Ravi found that gun and he tried to scare monty.

Precap-Sakshi says he could talk to monty but he shot Monty instead. Ravi shot Monty. . .

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