Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 21st April 2020 Written Update

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 21st April 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 21st April 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Karan thinking if he is punishing her or himself. He thinks he brought her back, but if he will be able to control his emotions. He thinks he loved her a lot, but whatever she has done with him, shall be punished for that. He gets a call. He comes to Tripura and says this is not our room. Tripura says she will stay in guest room and asks for the keys. He insults her and asks her to come quietly. She enters the bedroom and recalls. A fb is shown, Tripura wakes up and asks Karan if he closed the alarm. He asks her to just sleep. Later he asks her to apply red bindi on her forehead. She applies it. fb ends. She is in bathroom and thinks she will be out from here soon, and doing this for Pia. She applies bindi and calls Ved on video call. He asks him to see her bindi and nighty. Ved asks what is happening? Tipsy takes the call and asks him to trust her. Ved says good night. Karan says I still sleep at left side.

In the morning,Tripura comes out of room and sees Zoya with him. Zoya greets her. He hugs her. Tripura looks at them. He comes to her and taunts her again saying she has become fat. She asks him to have coffee and tells that their deal will be off when Trisha gets married. Sanam meets Ved. Ved asks her not to lie with him. Sanam says you are doubting me as Karan is the one who benefitted. She asks him to trust her. He laughs and says everyone is saying this.

Karan calls her and tells that they shall meet at the hotel for the photo shoot with the media. She says she is busy. He convinces her. They come to the hotel. She orders all the types of wine. He says you want to ruin my image. She says my image will be ruined. She gets a call and leaves from there. She comes to Pia’s school. Principal tells her that Pia is telling her friends how cool is to have two fathers and tells that she can’t let her mingle with two fathers. Ved calls her. Tripura tells him about Pia’s school problem. Principal tells her that it is not their problem if she marries for 3 times or 4 times and asks if she wants to use Ved to threaten them. Karan comes there. Principal says you was her second dad. Karan says I am the first and the lawyer is second. Principal asks did you bring lawyer with you. Karan says I brought only my publicist and tells that he brought his wife and daughter after 4 years, but you wanted to separate us. Pia comes there. Karan asks her to go out. Tripura takes her out. Karan tells Principal that his wife is innocent and tells that you are humiliating her as she has some other man in her life. He says even he had first wife in his wife. He tells that he is proud of his wife for handling Pia and bringing her up single handedly. Tripura hears all. Karan asks publicist to publish the news. Principal apologizes and asks Pia to go to class. Tripura thanks Karan for helping her. He asks whose daughter is she and takes Palash, Anandham, Udham and Ved’s name. Tripura asks him to meet them and do pinki pongi and decide. She says she is my daughter and I raised her single handedly, I am proud. Ved comes there. Karan says you are late again. They leave.

Tripura thinks Ved didn’t judge her wrongly, they had a first meeting because of a misunderstanding. She had come to meet lawyer, but he thought that he came to meet his blind date. Fb ends. Ved also thinks about her and asks her to have coffee, tells that he is the lawyer. Tripura thinks Ved has become her neighbor and friend after that. When she delivered Pia, he was the first one to hold her. After few years, Pia asks Ved about Papa. Ved explains to her. Pia says you are my best papa. Fb ends.

Karan tells Tripura that he missed her. He misses her even now and his heart beat increases. She asks him to stop calling cheap. He says I was on call and says you was not baby, but Baa…Trisha calls Karan on a video call. She sees Tripura and gets upset. Karan asks why did you call me? Trisha asks him to bring kanyadaan stuff. Romila is spying outside Aryan’s home and tells that Sanam comes here often. Ved comes to Zoya’s office with the police officer and tells that the video was leaked from her laptop. Zoya says why will I do this? Ved says Mr. Khanna has done something bad with you etc. Zoya tries to clarify, but Karan goes saying he will send the lawyer.

A florist comes and tells Tipsy that the floral decoration will be worth 55000 on each table. She tells that she will confirm with Karan. Romila finds Divya, Karan’s manager with Sanam going inside Aryan’s house. She understands everything. Karan comes home and asks why did she call him? She tells that florist had come and she got the discount of 1 lakh rs. He shouts at her and tells that he owes it to her. He makes 2.5 lakhs cheque and asks her to give it to Tej also. She says this is just for the discount and asks what about her stay in his house etc, says you owe me a lot actually. Karan asks what is your rate? Tripura says I have to act to love you also. He asks how much you will take for a hug? Tripura stops him and says I will make a list and send you the list. Karan asks how much you charge Ved? Tipsy says she don’t charge him and feels like paying him as he is so good. He gets upset and goes to bathroom. She reminisces their romantic moment in the bathroom. She thinks she compels herself to fight with him, after Trisha’s marriage, she will take Pia away from here and they don’t have to tolerate each other.

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