Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2020 Written Update

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2020 Written Update by H_Hasan

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 2nd April 2020 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radhika telling Karan that Trisha told that he has gifted her an earrings and says you are getting along well with her. He says I think she is not ready for marriage and asks if this marriage mandap and arrangements are refundable. She says no. Prabuddha sees him. Tripura gives juice to Karan and asks them to drink it one by one. He asks if she is fine and asks what happened? She asks him not to miss his medicines and asks him to let her finish. She says I came to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Karan is surprised. She says you are good and humble, but show that you are nasty and selfish. She says you have projected yourself as bad, but you are good. Song plays…..Karan says I want to say something. Sherry comes there and tells that Anandham came here. Amma talks to Tripura about Anandham and asks her to give call to Karan. Karan says ok. Tripura goes. Amma tells Karan that once Tipsy is settled, says Anandham is good. She says you are like her brother. Karan says no and says I am like your son. Sherry tells that Anandham is sticky and is denied entry in my life. Karan thinks he will marry Tipsy only. Later Sherry calls him and asks him to come to coffee shop. They come to the coffee shop and see Anandham. Tripura tells Anandham that Karan Khanna is a superstar since 25 years. They go to have breakfast. Tripura tells Anandham that he has lost much weight.

Anandham asks her about Karan. Tripura says he is a bollywood actor. Karan gets jealous. Vishal asks Karan if he wants to come along with him. Anandham asks her to come. Karan says she can’t go anywhere, as she is my de-addiction counseller. Anandham teases Karan. Tripura asks him to behave. Karan gets jealous. Vishal asks Karan to do something before he does. They turn and see Anandham on his toes infront of Tripura. Anandham proposes her and asks her to take her own time. Anandham starts talking to her in Tamil. Karan asks them to talk in Hindi. She starts speaking in Tamil and says yes. Anandham says lets go on a date. She says ok. He says lets go. Karan is shocked. Tripura comes to the hotel. Karan comes and asks if she is going somewhere.

Tripura says she is going on lunch. Karan says Sherry said that Anandham flirted with you when you was 12. She says even he was of the same age. He asks her to change the dress and says this is revealing dress. She says everything is covered. He asks her to wear shawl atleast. She sees Appa’s ring in his hand and tries to get it out. He says it is stuck. Anandham comes inside the room and asks are you okay? Karan says she is absolutely ok. She was helping me to take off her ring. She goes to get ready. Anandham asks Karan, how this ring came in your hand. Karan says this is her Appa’s ring, when she came to my room, it fell down. Anandham asks him not to call her Tanpura. Karan says sure. Tripura comes out and says lets go. Karan says bye and have fun. They leave. Karan tries to take off the ring.

Trisha comes and asks can we talk? She asks do you believe in love? He says love is like ghosts and says like you try to convince yourself that it doesn’t exist, but it bangs. He says if someone get hurt then they will get hurt in the beginning. Trisha thanks him. He asks her to wish him luck. She wishes him luck and kisses on his cheeks before going. Karan looks on smiling. He comes to the place where Tripura and Anandham are sitting. He says what a small world. Anandham asks seriously. Karan sits. Tripura tells that you can’t drink and tells that you are my patient. Karan asks did you drink? Tripura tells that she drinks sometimes with her friends. Anandham tells that blue suits her. Karan says every color suits her. Tripura appreciates him. Anandham tells him that he gave her name Tipsy. Tripura says ok.

Karan says I have given her so many names and tells about the names and says it is private. Tripura asks why you want to let down each other. Karan says I really like him. Anandham says he is like kaddoo..Australia. Tripura drinks again. Karan asks Anandham if he is trying to convince her by making her drunk. Anandham tells that Tripura doesn’t need your support. He gets Radhika’s message and call and tells Tripura that he has to go, but she shall take a smart decision. He says you are beautiful, good, smart etc, nobody is benefitted from wine, but I do as I met you. He asks her to become old Tipsy who don’t drink and is smart. He gets Radhika’s call and tells that he is coming. He tells Tripura that he is leaving and goes. Anandham asks Tripura if she is going to make him a happy man.

Karan comes to the hotel. Trisha tells that she don’t want to marry Rohan and doesn’t love him. Radhika asks Karan to listen what she is saying when Prabuddha is not here. Trisha says her decision will be same infront of dad. Rohan asks are you realizing it now. Trisha tells that someone told me that if you are in love then you make excuses to go to him, but I make excuses to go away from you. Radhika says I will force you to marry him. Rohan asks if she don’t want to marry him. Trisha says yes. Rohan says you are free. Romila’s Chacha asks her brother to speak up. Radhika asks Karan to make her understand. Trisha tells that he only understands me and treated me as adult. Radhika scolds Trisha and blames Karan for breaking their marriage and then her daughter’s marriage. Brijesh tells that Karan is a dirty man and spoiled our lives. Rohan asks him not to make it dirty.

Brijesh tells that Romila told me everything and made her drink and kept her in the room. Romila says she was saved because of babaji’s locket. Brijesh gets more angry and blames Karan, says you will be lonely always and will die lonely. Trisha says you can’t speak like this. Tripura comes there and asks what is happening? Brijesh asks her not to interfere? She says this is my matter also, as he is my patient. She says whatever happened here, I have nothing to do, but here you are talking about my two patients, one is Karan Khanna and other is Romila. Romila says when did I become her patient. The three men say if she is really a doctor. Tripura tells that Karan is really a nice man and does so much for people, but don’t distribute the flier of his goodness to everyone. He says the ladies can’t resist him like romila, but he don’t do anything, women feel save with himself. She says your problem is Romila and gives him medicines for her. She asks him to deal with his problem first. Brijesh says you are drunk. Tripura says but that doesn’t change a single thing I said. She holds his hand and takes Karan from there. Sherry tells Anandham that Tipsy is serious about her patients. Anandham says I can see that.

Later Beeji asks Romila to bring her medicine and sends her. Romila is about to go and hides seeing Beeji calling her. beeji asks Tripura to confess her love to Karan if she loves him so much. Tripura says that Romila feels, but there is nothing between us. Beeji asks her to learn something from their ancestors, laila and majnu. Tripura tells that she will talk later. Beeji asks her to confess and says time is running fast.

Tripura comes to Karan and tells that her head is paining badly. He says you broke brijesh’s head and your head is paining. He asks do you really think that I have a X factor which woman can’t resist. She says it is my professional opinion. He says I also think you ill mannered, misogynist, etc. He asks if some session is going on. She says no and asks him to say if he wants to say anything. He says you will not believe me. She says she will and asks him to say.

He asks can I hold your hand and gives her Appa’s ring in her hand. He says I wanted to return your Appa’s ring. She asks really? I am such a fool and goes to her room to sleep. He asks her to listen. Tripura comes to her room and cries. Sherry asks what happened, why are you crying? Tripura says Mr. Khanna has made my mind mad. Sherry asks her to say what happened? Tripura goes to bathroom and locks the door. Sherry asks her to say what happened? Tripura writes something on the notepad. Karan comes to his room and tells Vishal that he is thinking something, says this mandap, pandit, arrangements are all going waste, I am thinking to marry her. Vishal asks did you tell her? Karan says I will tell tomorrow.

Precap: Karan proposes Tripura for marriage seeing her going from there.

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