Kavya 10th June 2024 Written Update

Kavya 10th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 10th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya reasoning with Vinay. She says you can give the exams and get a job, you can earn money sincerely. The police comes and arrests him. Vinay asks what will happen now. She says nothing will happen to you, don’t worry, I m there. The police takes him. Kavya hugs Anjali. She asks are you fine. Anjali says yes. Adi comes and asks are you both fine. Anjali nods. Adi hugs Kavya and cries. He gets shocked seeing …. Kavya asks what happened. Anjali and Kavya also get shocked seeing the bleeding on the floor.

They ask how did you get hurt. Kavya says nothing happened to me, I m fine. She faints. Adi shouts Kavya. Anjali and Adi take her to the hospital. Anjali recalls Kavya’s words. Rajeev and Malini come. Doctor talks to Adi about Kavya’s condition.

He asks what happened to Kavya. She says the baby is in danger. He says tell me what happened exactly. She says its over exertion, she has climbed 8 floors. Malini updates Alka. Nurse says blood isn’t available in the blood bank. Doctor says we urgently need A negative blood. Adi says I will get the blood, do anything you can. Malini asks what did the doctor say. Anjali asks how is Kavya. Adi says she is fine, but the baby’s life is in danger, she should have not climbed so many stairs, don’t talk to me. He rushes to arrange blood. Rajeev asks Anjali how is she responsible for Kavya’s condition.

Giriraj meets Vinay in the police station. Adi drives the car. Vinay says Anjali said she doesn’t know anything about the money. Giriraj says you believed her, you will get the money, its my promise, you have to do my work, keep your mouth shut, I spoke to Anjali, my name shouldn’t come in this matter. Vinay says I didn’t take your name. Giriraj threatens him. He lies to Anubha.

Anjali tells everything. Malini says that’s why Kavya and her baby’s life is in danger, I agreed for Alka and Sanjeev’s marriage and sent baby Omi away, thinking Kavya’s baby is coming, she got careless today. Anjali says Kavya knows protecting herself, that mad man was asking me for 20 lakhs. Rajeev scolds her. Anjali says I didn’t do anything. Nurse asks them to talk slowly. Anubha asks how did Giriraj come to meet Vinay. Inspector says his PA said Giriraj wants to meet Vinay in private. She scolds him.

Giriraj leaves with his PA. Inspector stops Adi. Adi asks what’s the problem. Inspector says there are riots ahead. Adi says I have to reach the hospital. Inspector asks him to wait. Adi says I have to save my baby’s life, help me. Rajeev says you understand, it’s a big scam, you will be dragged in this, you have harmed Kavya, she will lose her baby because of you, I don’t want to see your face. Anjali cries.

Adi gets hurt in the riots. He stays determined. Anubha interrogates the matter and scolds Vinay. She says if anything happens to Kavya or her baby, then I will hang you to death. She asks who told you to give the cheque on Anjali’s name, tell me, why did you threaten Anjali. He says I can’t say. She hurts him and asks the name. He cries and says you can break my hands. Adi gets the blood unit and runs on the road. Giriraj comes to the hospital. He argues with Rajeev. Adi comes with the blood unit. Nurse says Kavya got conscious. Adi meets Kavya and asks how are you. Doctor says she is fine, and baby is also fine, we got the blood on time. Anjali hides and looks on. Adi asks how did she get bood. Doctor says Shubh gave blood on time. They turn and see Shubh.

Anubha comes to arrest Giriraj. He asks her to arrest Anjali as well.

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