Kavya 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Kavya 2nd April 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 2nd April 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Badi Amma eating the sweets and crying. She says Kavya blamed me for the bomb incident, she said I m trying to kill you. She asks Santu to tell them. Adi asks Santu to tell them. Santu worries and says yes. Adi scolds Kavya. He takes Badi Amma with him. Giriraj says I have supported you, but you have crossed the limit. Kavya says I m saying the truth, Adi’s life is in danger. He asks her to shut up. Anurag smirks and leaves. Santu says I should have told the truth. Kavya says no use to say anything without a proof. Alka comes and says your family has come. Badi Amma sees the file and smiles. Anurag claps for her drama.

Kavya meets her family. She hugs them. Rajeev asks are you fine, we felt we will lose you. Malini says Adi was there to save you. He says yes, Kavya has saved Adi, its also the truth, no one would have known about the bomb. Anjali says Adi saved Kavya’s life. Badi Amma comes. She says I m donating blankets because Adi got saved. She insults them. Anjali accepts it and says thanks. Kavya says I will also check. Badi Amma says she insults me a lot. Kavya says I m checking if Badi Amma has hidden something in it. Giriraj says she is elder to you, why are you after her. Rajeev says let it be, we will go now. Adi looks on and goes. Anjali thanks Adi for saving Kavya’s life. He says no need to thank me, I can’t see anyone dying in front of me, Kavya hated Omi, you all hated. Anjali says yes, but we had forgiven Omi. Adi asks why did Mayank and Rajeev beat him. He shows the video. He says its not the complete truth. He says I understand everything, you three are also the murderers. Rajeev asks Adi to stop it. He says I can’t tolerate my family’s insult, you don’t deserve to become a peon. They leave. Badi Amma smiles. Adi gets sad. Giriraj asks him to get the file and come. Adi goes to the office. He looks for the file. He doesn’t find it.

Adi says my file is missing, did anyone see it, Bhamalpur people signed the papers to support me. Badi Amma asks him to find it. A guy collides with Rajeev. Rajeev picks the files and gives it to the guy. Anurag gets the pic and shows to Badi Amma. Kavya comes. Adi argues. Anurag shows the pic to Adi. Adi says Rajeev has taken the file. Giriraj says this man works in opposition office. Badi Amma says Rajeev is like Kavya. Adi goes to Kavya and asks about the file. Kavya asks why would Rajeev do this. Adi says because he is your dad. Kavya calls Rajeev and asks about the files. Rajeev says he collided with me, his files fell and I gave it to him, why, what happened. She says nothing. She says someone did this intentionally, someone in this house doesn’t want you to become MLA, you can’t see it. He says its you, I know, you don’t want me to become MLA. They argue.

He asks her to get out. She says we aren’t divorced, I won’t go, ask your dad if I should go. He takes Kavya and says I m throwing her out of the house, I don’t care whatever happens, I have good connections in the press. He asks Kavya to leave. Kavya says idea is not bad. She asks Alka to make a video. She asks Adi to throw her out of the house. Adi calls her mad. She says its our divorce documentary. Giriraj holds his head. Adi and Kavya call the same reporter Parmeet. Giriraj asks them to stop it. Badi Amma says don’t worry Adi, calm down, Kavya will go out of the house sometime, we will throw her bags outside.

Adi misunderstands Kavya. Kavya comes to office and do Adi’s aarti. Kavya says I will get MLA ticket for Adi.

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