Kavya 4th June 2024 Written Update

Kavya 4th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 4th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya coming home and telling Malini about Anjali. Malini pacifies her. Adi comes and cheers up Kavya. He asks her to smile. Malini asks them to freshen up and come. Kavya says I have an idea to convince mumma. Adi says I will order it now. Santu comes and says my brother got conscious. Kavya and Adi get a hint. She says the list is fake and we have to prove it. She calls Anubha and asks her to check the list entry. She runs to puke. Adi asks are you okay, take rest, is this the side effect of the new medicine, did you take the medicine. Kavya says I don’t know, I kept it in the purse. He checks the purse. He doesn’t find it. He calls the doctor. He takes Kavya to the hospital. Doctor asks her not to take risk in the first three months. She asks Kavya to take the medicines. She says sorry, I m in a hurry. She leaves. Adi asks Kavya not to be so careless. Anubha comes and meets them. Kavya says Anubha is Shubh’s fiancée. Adi looks at Anubha and can’t believe it. Anubha says we got engaged three months ego, its my life’s best decision. He spits some water while drinking. He says sorry. Kavya asks Anubha did you take the guy’s statement, did he take Manohar’s name. Anubha says no, he didn’t. Adi says the list will get final tomorrow. Kavya says we have to stop this. He asks how. Kavya tells her plan. Anubha says I m with you.

She goes and tells everything to Shubh. He praises her and asks her to do her work. They say I love you. She goes. Kavya greets her and asks her to come. She compliments Anubha. She says beautiful girls don’t need a mind, they get everything easily. Anubha says you mean I achieved everything because of my beauty, do I have no talent. Kavya asks why, isn’t this true. Anubha says I have worked a lot, I never thought you will say this. Kavya says Shubh told this to you, I m just repeating it. Anubha says he didn’t tell this. Kavya says he meant the same. Anubha asks are you jealous seeing me with Shubh. Kavya says no, I m talking about you, you are fighting to make a place in this men’s world, don’t underestimate yourself, you are complete, he is your lover, but your existence isn’t by him, it’s the most imp thing to get respect in any relation. Anubha says Shubh gave me a new life and supported me, my mum allowed me to come home when I got engaged to him, he is a part of my family, all these things are easy to say but difficult to do. Kavya hugs her. She says you have achieved a lot, you are an example and live like that.

Shubh calls Mishra and says I did my work, its your turn, Adi’s plan shouldn’t work. Mishra says don’t worry. Giriraj says this list shouldn’t get caught. He meets the man and asks him to make the cheque on Anjali’s name. He smiles. Anjali calls Kavya. Kavya says I m sorry. Anjali says stop sending the mango crates. Kavya says I will do it. Anjali gets upset and ends the call. Adi comes to support Kavya. Anubha comes. Kavya asks her to be careful and not let anyone get the info. Anubha calls Shubh and tells everything. She says Kavya isn’t doing anything wrong, we should support her. He asks will you support Adi, he insulted me in front of everyone, fine, do anything you want, either support them or me. He ends the call.

Adi says Anubha doesn’t deserve this, she can’t marry Shubh. Kavya asks is she more lovely than me. He says she is beautiful. She says fine, go with her. He says not more beautiful than you, I m waiting for the day the baby comes, I will pamper and spoil the baby a lot.

He asks about her fever. She says its mild fever, doctor said it might happen. He asks her to just go home. She gets sad. She says okay, I will go and take rest, but I will call security from office, don’t go alone. He says nothing will happen to me. She feels something bad is going to happen.

Adi fights with the goons. Kavya is on the way. She comes there to save Kavya. The goon pushes her down. Adi shouts Kavya.

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