Kavya 5th July 2024 Written Update

Kavya 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kavya slapping Shubh. She scolds him. She says I love Adi, I m married to him and I m pregnant with his child, you think you will snatch me from Adi. Shubh sits crying. Adi comes out to see. Shubh reminds Kavya the childhood moment. She says I have many memories with me, I can’t forget it, I ruined everything, I should die. He slaps himself. Kavya consoles him. Adi looks on. He goes. She says this won’t help you, apologize to Anubha and Adi, don’t do this drama here, I will talk to you in office tomorrow, go home now if you regard me your friend. Shubh leaves in his car. Adi thinks of Kavya and Shubh. Kavya comes. He asks where did you go. She thinks Adi will get disturbed if I tell about Shubh. She says I went to solve some tangled strings. She recalls Anubha’s words. They sleep. Its morning, Adi sees Kavya gone and asks Malini about her. She says I don’t know where is she. Adi says I think she went to her Maayka. Kavya comes and says I went to dad to get my clothes. She asks Santu to make breakfast. Malini hugs her.

Kavya says Adi won’t let me go. Anubha comes and greets Adi. She says I m leading your security today, I will wait outside, I m fine. Malini asks her to have breakfast. Anubha says no, I m fine. Malini insists her. Seema instructs her aide. Kavya asks Adi to take care of Anubha. He says fine, you take care of Shubh. Saxena calls Kavya and says Shubh isn’t reachable. He updates her about the consignment. He says I don’t know, something is wrong. She says send me that pharma company number, do one more thing.

The men take the van. Kavya calls the pharma company and asks for details. Saxena says security is removed form the checkpost. Kavya worries. She sees Anubha and says I want your help, I want police support. Anubha says get orders from DM Sir, you aren’t related to any district, you are under secretary, I can’t take your orders, I got cheated by your friendship. Adi comes and asks Anubha to come. They leave.

Kavya calls the DM and asks him to increase security at the Babua village checkpost, something wrong is going to happen there. He asks her to file an application for it.

A lady compliments Anubha about the dark mehendi. Anubha recalls everything and cries. She goes to wash off her mehendi. She dips her face in the water barrel. Adi sees this and gets shocked. Kavya comes to Shubh’s house and pours water to wake him. She asks him to get up and come with her. She asks what do you think, you are Devdas. He says yes, he was mad for Chandramukhi. She says you are an IAS officer, get up, we have to pass the security order. Adi runs to save Anubha. He asks what are you doing, are you okay. Inspector asks are you fine, shall I call the doctor. Adi says no, she is fine. Inspector asks what happened. Adi says my ring fell inside, madam was getting it out, you go. He takes Anubha to his car. He asks what were you doing, are you mad, you can’t give your life for someone, think of your marriage, you could have lost your job, you would be tagged unfit for duty and get suspended, you don’t deserve that. She cries and hugs Adi. Kavya asks Shubh to get up. He says I can’t do it. She says you have to do it, because I m your boss, its my order, DM isn’t helping, if you respect your IAS oath, then do this work, else leave your job and sit at home. Shubh calls someone.

Kavya cares for Shubh. Adi and Anubha look on. Adi argues with Kavya. Anubha and Adi get close.

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