Kavya 5th June 2024 Written Update

Kavya 5th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 5th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shubh informing Manohar about Adi and Kavya’s raid move. Manohar thanks him. Kavya asks what are you all doing here, I don’t want any security, Adi has gone alone. Adi goes to Manohar and scares him. Adi fights with the goons. Manohar tries to run away. Kavya comes there and attempts to stop him. She falls back. Adi shouts Kavya. The guards stop Manohar. He points the gun at them. She pulls his leg and makes him fall. He gets caught. Adi asks are you fine. She says yes. Police comes and arrests Manohar. Kavya says I m fine, don’t worry, we caught him, the fake list will get cancelled. Adi argues. He asks why did you come. She says I didn’t come in, Manohar came here and pushed me. Adi gets angry on Manohar and beats him. Adi and Kavya argue. Inspector says you are in the wrong car. Adi and Kavya get down the police jeep. They go to their car. They come home and start arguing. She puts a headphone on her tummy and says baby is hearing our fights, so I have shut his ears, now you can fight with me. Adi starts laughing.

He says you are so cute, I love you. She says don’t hug me. He says fine, we will have a back hug from now. He asks her to lie down. He says we both don’t have a mind, right, we were sleeping when God was giving brains. They relax. She says I m pregnant, I m not sick, trust me. She shows the checklist. He says you didn’t add juice in diet list, and you won’t go any dangerous place. They laugh.

Anubha beats Manohar and scolds him. Kavya comes and says I m surprised seeing you, you are taking his statement. Anubha says I m lagging behind, I m foolish and blind, so you played that game with me, you knew it, I m giving info to Shubh. Kavya says I heard your talks. Anubha says I was ashamed, I know I will get suspended on this case. Kavya says no. Anubha asks won’t you report against me. Kavya signs no. She says you have to work with me, I want you with me, you have passion in you. Anubha says thanks and sorry. Kavya asks her to decide for her life, and not let Shubh run her life. She encourages Anubha. She gets Adi’s call. She says I came to meet Anubha. Adi says she is a liar, she should be suspended. Kavya says she is mad in love, she should get another chance. He says you can’t trust her. She says trust me, I will handle this. She thanks him for his care.

Adi gives Manohar’s statement. Mishra and Giriraj worriedly oppose it. Anubha comes. She shows Manohar’s video. CM says even this list is cancelled. Adi and Kavya smile. CM asks who gave his name. Mishra says we will find out and make a new list. CM says no, Kavya has given the right suggestion, teachers will be selected by an entrance exam. He praises Kavya and asks her to handle the appointments. Kavya smiles.

Precap: Anubha arrests Giriraj. He says I will go to jail when Anjali gets jailed.

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