Kavya 7th June 2024 Written Update

Kavya 7th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 7th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the man attacking Anjali. Adi comes to meet Anubha. He asks did anything happen, I saw Shubh outside. She says nothing. He says its your personal matter, fine, I will go, did you break the engagement, sorry. She says its my personal matter. He says yes, of course, I m very happy. He advises her to avoid Shubh. He says Shubh will give up on his own. He leaves. She feels sad. Mayank makes tea for Rajeev. He says mom wanted to do something for herself, but you didn’t support her, let her try and do a job. Rajeev says no, she can’t give the exam because of her age, finish the tea, we have to leave for the shop. Anubha goes out to Shubh and hugs him. Adi smiles seeing them. He calls Kavya and says I did the work. Kavya says amazing, you are a master in these things. She ends the call. She keeps her phone on the bed. Anjali hides and calls Kavya and Rajeev. They both don’t see her call. Anjali runs. Mayank comes and asks Rajeev to come. He gets Anjali’s call. Rajeev says we are getting late, come. They leave.

Anjali calls Kavya again. The man catches her. Malini asks Kavya to come to her. The man asks how long will you hide. He scolds her. Anjali calls Kavya and tells her everything. She says come quickly, else this guy will kill me. Kavya says I m coming. She calls Adi and tells about Anjali. Adi says I m going there, it will take half an hour, calm down. She says if he does anything to mummy…. I will call the police. She rushes. Kavya reaches the building. The man asks Anjali where will you go now. Kavya shouts to him and says I know you have been wronged, but its not my mumma’s mistake. He says the cheque had her name on it. Adi calls Kavya and asks is mummy fine. She says this man can’t be trusted. He says don’t do anything, I m coming. He asks driver to speed up. The man says return my money else…. Kavya says no, I will help you. He says I won’t come in your words. She says I m not lying, I can help you. He asks what proof do you have, come here and show. She sees the stairs. She says let my mumma go, I will give you a proof. He shoots at Anjali. She shouts no…. Anjali checks herself. He says I m not lying, I will shoot your mum. She says I m coming upstairs. She calls Anjali and says give the phone to him. She says listen to me, you will get jailed if anything happens to my mumma. She goes upstairs and feels tired. He asks her to come fast. She says don’t do anything to my mumma, you still have time, stop this. The man says I have given the cheque on Anjali’s name, I had sold my village land and mortgaged the house for a govt job, either give me a job or return the money. Kavya comes and says you won’t get the job. Anjali runs to her.

Kavya says you can’t get a govt job this way, how much money did you give. He says 20 lakhs. Anjali asks her to stop it. She says don’t blame others when you don’t value your money, its your greed, you wanted to get a govt job and live in peace, it’s a wrong path. He says there is corruption everywhere. She says even you are corrupt to give a bribe. She lectures him. She says you are qualified, you have B.Ed. degree, you can give an exam and get the job, I will return the money, you get your house and start a business, you save money for future, do anything with that money. He asks for his money first. He shoots in anger.

Kavya is rushed to the hospital. Doctor asks Adi to arrange blood in an hour. He gets angry on Anjali.

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