Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi Season 3 12th November 2021 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi Season 3 12th November 2021 Written Update by Sona

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi Season 3 12th November 2021 Written Episode

Sanjana holding Sonakshi with the knife says if he desires that she keeps breathing them must reveal his love for her, Sonakshi manages to push her away, closing the knife asks if her madness has ended, Vicky comes with the police asking the inspector to arrest her, Sanjana exclaims what is the matter when they die because of the love of the person whom she loves, Sonakshi exclaims she doesnot get mad at her but then feels sympathetic for her because after Dev she will find someone else, she herself is only one who can end it all if not by herself then with the help of someone, Sonakshi goes to hug Dev, crying while Saurabh also hugs Vicky.

Dev sitting with Ishwari exclaims that problems had come before them but they were really small while this was a really big, even then Ishwari did not lose hope and remained strong, Sonakshi also thanks Neha mentioning they could not have achieved anything without their help, Ishwari exclaims that this problem has revealed the true meaning of a family as when one faces a problem then how does a family solve it matters, just like the fingers as they are joined with the hand even after being separated but when they close it, this proves strong for a family, Soha coming with Aayush exclaims that what she was saying is true for the elders as when the children tend to greet they do it by clapping their hands, Soha immediately runs after calling Mr and Misses Verma as Grandparents. Dev and Sonakshi also take their blessings when Misses Verma apologizes for believing in the words of Sanjana but it is true that Soha is their biggest love, Mr Verma exclaims this means that Soha should live in this house and be a part of their family, Ishwari coming exclaims she feels they should live with their blessings, she asks them to come inside however Mr Verma exclaims they should leave but will meet soon but this time in their house.

Soha asks them all to come as she desires to show her something, she shows the family tree which she was not able to complete and then mentions how she feels it is now complete, Neha exclaims her tree is not even complete and then writes plus one under her name, they all questions what doe she mean, Neha explains she is pregnant, the entire family is really excited, Sonakshi asks if she has taken the appointment of the doctor, Neha replies she has, mentioning how she found out just a couple of weeks ago but at the time was not even sure herself if she desired this child but now seeing how Sonakshi has worked with these relation, and considers her mother in law as her own, she also wants to have good relations with everyone as she is starting to feel what a blessings it is, they all hug her because of the immense happiness.

Dev and Sonakshi are walking in the hall, she reveals she is glad that she will finally be able to give some time to her children, she sees a note at the door so asks Dev what is it, she starts reading it. Sonakshi entering the room is delighted to see how well it is decorated so asks when did he do it, he mentions how he was also thinking how does she do it, as she takes care of the children and him while also the house, and she also takes care of any unwanted guest, he questions how can she manage it all Miss Bose, Sonakshi asks if he is forgetting that she is Sonakshi Dev dixit which is why she is the most luckiest person in the world, Dev walking away exclaims that she is truly the luckiest person. He walks away asking her to remain standing, he brings a ribbon and pulling it drops roses over Sonakshi, she feels joyed, he explains the first time when they met flour dropped on them, so he wanted to celebrate that moment. Dev hands her a rose mentioning it is for tolerating him, taking out one other he mentions it is for being his friend, Sonakshi mentions now it is her turn, she handing him the rose exclaims it is to being near her even when she is out of the city, he coming closer asks how close does she mean, he kneeling seeks her hand for a dance, they both start to celebrate with each other, with an immense smile on their faces,

Some time later, Sonakshi is sitting while Radha exclaims that she is looking beautiful and Dev might fall for her once again, Dev also says to Saurabh and Vicky that the last thing which he remembers is that he is a grown up and can dress himself, Saurabh exclaims it is necessary for him to look better, Vicky sprays perfume in his eyes, Dev questions why is he doing it in such a way, Vicky requests him to stay still for some time, Ishwari coming advises them to make sure her son looks beautiful, Vicky replies that he is a grown up person.

Soha and Aayush are making the preparation along with Shubh, they also stop Kiku from ruining it, Ishwari is in the kitchen when she asks him to go and help the children as they are adamant to do it by themselves, Ishwari also greets Bijoy who comes, she asks if he did not bring that sweet, Bijoy replies she would have then complained about it however she explains she likes it, Bijoy murmurs that she likes the sweets but not Bengali people, Ishwari asks him to sit down.

Saurabh comes with Dev when Sonakshi is accompanied by Radha and Neha, Saurabh asks if he did not say that Dev can never look more beautiful then Sonakshi, then Neha asks him if Sonakshi is looking more beautiful then her wedding day but Dev exclaims she is looking as beautiful as her heart and how she has made the house, Shuv exclaims they have made the house beautiful while Mama was getting ready, Radha asks Baldev to see that this is how they do a decoration while he has not even gifted her a Gajra, Baldev explains that those people who are happy with their marriage tend to celebrate it, Radha asks Ishwari to see it, Ishwari then mentions she is glad her entire family is standing together at the moment of happiness as they were always there at the time of need, she sees how the couples do not talk with each other’s as this is the only way to solve the problems, she desires that every couple should be like Dev and Sonakshi. They cut the cake with their children after which everyone eat, taking the blessings of them.
Bijoy exclaims he will reveal a secret that he always like Dev but when he got nervous around him made him feel really good so if a daughter in law can get scared by being around her m other in law so why not a son in law, Soha asks if they don’t know how children tend to get bored with their talk, so there would only be a party.

Dev and Sonakshi start dancing when she asks if he would still give her a present in her old age, Dev exclaims when she would not be able to speak properly without her teeth, she hitting him explains when he would hear loud and will walk with a stick, Dev exclaims he can already visualize it, so she must not be worried as he can always love her, Dev brings out a gift, Sonakshi also hands him when they are shocked to se that they have both brought the same, Sonakshi exclaims they know each other better them themselves, Dev mentions this is a problem as he would not be able to hide anything, Sonakshi questions what does he plan to hide from her, Dev replies the surprises which he would prepare for her in the future, Sonakshi hugs him when Soha comes saying they should take a selfie, Dev agrees, he asks them all to smile as a big happy family.

The End

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